New Year, New Food, New EpiPen, New You!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions this year? Here are a few ideas. I’m not sure whether I’ll manage to conquer them all… we’ll see.

Fitter means fewer allergies
I’ve noticed that when I’m fitter I suffer far less from allergic reactions and when I do get them they are milder and I recover much faster. I’m going to start running again and try to do more yoga, walking, cycling and tennis; twenty minutes of exercise a day must be possible mustn’t it? I have to admit these cold icy mornings are not helping…

Try new foods
I’m always finding new things that I can eat. My latest amazing find is Jus-Rol pastry which doesn’t contain any dairy; you can get this in the freezer sections of most supermarkets. Check the ingredients to make sure, but the one I bought was made with fats instead of butter. Also keep an eye out when you go shopping for any new products on the “Free From” shelves. Foods Matter magazine is also a really good place to start as they do food reviews of different suppliers.

Experiment in the kitchen
Eating out is fraught with worries and potential disasters but eating in can get boring; cooking the same old bland meals and craving the very things you can’t have. Most recipes can be adjusted to accommodate allergies, and with a bit of practise and experimentation such as making your own pastry and Thai, Indian home cooking, you’ll be so amazed at what you can create. Trex, which is basically lard, is great for pastry and available in all major supermarkets. It’s even better than using butter.

Reintroduce problem foods
Enjoying a varied and diverse diet is much better for your health than cutting out foods when you don’t need to. Sometimes our bodies develop intolerances to certain foods during times of stress and these reactions often recede, and with careful reintroduction can become part of your daily diet again. Last year I reintroduced eggs, and this year it’s celery and tomatoes, in that order. Speak to your doctor or dietician if you’re unsure of how to do this, or check out my previous blog post “Egg intolerance cured!”

The early bird catches the worm
By setting the alarm clock for an hour earlier just think what you could achieve. That’s seven more hours a week, and more if you get up even earlier! Get the slow cooker on first thing so you have the rest of the day free, and return to the intoxicating aroma of a delicious cooked meal ready and waiting for you. Start the day with a run, build up from ten minutes to twenty, twenty five etc. then wallow in the virtuous feeling that vigorous exercise always leaves you with. It will set you up for the day.

Renew your Epipens
It’s that time of year again when you get a new diary and transfer over all the birthdays, anniversaries and special dates. Make sure you know when your EpiPen expires and put a reminder in your diary to renew it. You can also get reminders from the suppliers, Alk Abello, by returning the Alert Service slip that is on the instructions that come with your EpiPen. They will write to you a month before you need to order a new one. You can also register online on their website at: Click on the alarm clock picture to register for Expiry alerts. You can set up your own profile and manage it online, enter in your mobile phone number and the lot number on your EpiPen and you’ll receive email and mobile reminders too.

My New Year’s resolution is to be prepared! It really does make living with allergies much easier; be prepared when eating out, going away, cooking at home, visiting friends, out shopping. Live your life to the full and enjoy it. Don’t sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. Get out there and make a difference.

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