Archives for November 2010

Mastocytosis – you don’t want this!

Have you ever heard of Mastocytosis? Luckily it’s a incredibly rare condition, but it can cause anaphylaxis. If you’ve never seen someone actually having an anaphylactic attack then read this and watch this video…

The power of prayer

Could prayer help to alleviate or help those with allergies? It’s been proven to improve health in scientific studies so how does it work?

Expert’s Question Time on Lactose Intolerance

Do you know what intolerance is? What’s the difference between allergy and intolerance? Would you love the chance to ask experts in the industry your burning questions? Join a free webchat today (Tue 9 Nov) at 6.30pm.

Allergy lobbying at the Houses of Parliament

I attended a fantastic reception organised by the National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG) at the Houses of Parliament this week. Not only did I attend, but I also got my first taste of public speaking…