Food Allergy and Intolerance Week – 24th – 28th January 2011

Last week was Food Allergy and Intolerance Week, promoted by Allergy UK and this year supported by Rice Dream and the Rainforest Cafe. The aim of marking the week is to promote awareness and understanding of allergies and intolerances and the difference between the two.

Many people think that they or their child has an allergy when in fact it’s just an intolerance. Treatment for an allergy is complete avoidance, since the substance can cause anaphylaxis and in extreme cases, death. Intolerance on the other hand results in lesser symptoms, still uncomfortable and hard to live with, but the advice would be completely different. For an intolerance avoidance for a short while can help, with slow re-introduction of the allergen often being very successful. Cutting out foods unecessarily can lead to allergies at a later date which is not good news, so it’s important to act sensibly to avoid worse symptoms occuring in the future.

It also makes life hard for people who have real life threatening allergies when people who say they have allergies are then seen to be able to eat the food they claim to have an allergy to. People then think you’re making it up and have less sympathy for allergy sufferers. If you can eat foods at certain times, but not at others, you have an intolerance, not an allergy.

This year Food Allergy and Intolerance Week is marked by an exciting new discovery for allergy and intolarance sufferers.

FoodWiz is an exciting and ground breaking new iPhone and iPod Touch app that promises to transform the lives of people with food allergies or intolerances. Simply by scanning the barcode of food products whilst in the supermarket you are told immediately if it is safe to eat, giving you peace of mind, and making shopping with an allergy or intolerance so much easier. The app is programmable with details of your particular foods that you need to avoid and does not need a mobile signal for it to function in the supermarket.

You can find out more on Allergy UK’s website here:

To download the new ap visit the apstore and search for Foodwiz where you can also find out more about Rosalind, the brains behind the new product, and also download the app and start your free 30 day trial.

Be proud of who you are. Just because you have allergies or intolerances shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy life just as much as the next person. Do everything you can to stay safe but enjoy life and celebrate that you’re different. It makes you who you are, and you can’t change it. I hope you all had a happy and safe Food Allergy and Intolerance Week. I certainly did, and now I’m off to check out this new FoodWiz app.

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