Nando’s get top marks for allergy awareness

I’m sure most of you have heard of Nando’s, and probably most of you have been to one too. If you haven’t they do Portugeuse style peri-peri flame-grilled chicken; it’s great for families and groups because you can order as little or as much as you want and share. They also do bottomless drinks or tap water if you’re watching the pennies and you can help yourself.

I’ve been before many times and spoken to the staff to check I’d be OK with my allergies and they’ve always assured me that what I’ve chosen is OK after checking with a chef, but until this weekend I had never felt quite so safe and secure that my needs were being catered for.

There was clearly an ‘allergy expert’ in the house and the girl serving us was keen that we should speak to her because she knew the score. Out came the ‘Nando’s Allergy Book’ which details EVERY meal with it’s ingredients, allowing staff to check at a glance whether the ingredients contain any allergens.

I had the quarter chicken with lemon and herb, corn on the cob and chips. Simple and easy, and not only did I know it was allergen free, but they also prepared mine on a specially cleaned grill, with cleaned utensils. It arrived slightly later than everyone elses food but hey I don’t mind that when I get taken so seriously by staff who couldn’t do enough to make sure I was happy.

Thank you Nando’s in High Wycombe. Brilliant! I forgot to photograph my meal so no pictures unfortunately.

I couldn’t find anything on their website about allergies but you can find your local Nando’s at

Anyone else been to Nando’s or got a Nando’s story to share?

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  1. Sharon james says:

    Nandos sounds great, I can’t wait to ate my daughter who has a nut allergy.

  2. hi Ruth,
    They serve nuts in Nandos. Did you have to tell them about not handling nuts before touching your food? I’m assuming you have a nut allergy.
    Thanks for all the info, but still worried about the nuts on the menu and servers handling it with contaminated hands.

    • Yes I do have a nut allergy and yes always tell them what you’re allergic to and they will prepare your food in a cleaned down separate area in the kitchen. Your food might take longer to arrive but if it means it’s safe it’s worth the wait. Have fun ;o)

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