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Special thanks to Gluten Free Mrs D for telling me about Pod Food during the gluten free tweetup #gftweetup on Monday this week. She has written a great blog post with descriptions of what’s available and pictures. Visit her website to read “Pod Food…Healthy Fast Food, Gluten Free”

So this week whilst whiling away some time before my meeting was due to start, standing in the queue in Cafe Nero and gazing absent mindedly out of the window I spied my very first Pod Food outlet across the busy street. I dashed straight across. Thank you Mrs D for the recommendation. I enjoyed a fresh mint tea (real mint leaves) with ginger and agave syrup and a pack of Bear granola nibbles. Had I stayed at the coffee shop I would have enjoyed a mint or green tea but not with such a refreshing twist and there wouldn’t have been any snacks I could enjoy unless I fancied another packet of plain crisps! They don’t always hit the spot and don’t go with tea and coffee.

Pod have an extensive menu which is marked clearly with whether they are vegetarian, vegan, wheat free, dairy free and gluten free. They also have very clear NUT warnings on any meals that contain nuts.

I think they have about twelve cafe’s open currently across London with more to follow.
Visit their website to find out more: http://www.podfood.co.uk.

I’m looking forward to trying the Scandanavian Salmon superfood salad next time I’m in London, but honestly there are loads of things I can have on the menu which is no mean feat when I have to avoid nuts, dairy, tomatoes and celery due to allergies and wheat sometimes due to an intolerance. Top marks to Pod Food. I’m even contemplating just going to London specially for lunch at Pod! Is that crazy? Anyone want to join me?

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