Can you be allergic to calcium lactate?

Calcium lactate, or E327, is a white crystalline salt made by the action of lactic acid on calcium carbonate.

I’ve written about lactic acid and whether you can be allergic to it in a previous blog post called, “What on earth is lactic acid?”

Calcum lactate is used in foods as a baking powder and given medicinally, most commonly to treat calcium deficiency or stomach upsets. But is it dairy related?

Food Allergy & Research Education (FARE) in the US say on their website that calcium lactate does not contain milk protein so should not be avoided by people with a dairy allergy.

Despite the fact that lactate sounds like it comes from milk, it’s nothing to do with dairy, so it’s quite safe for someone with a dairy allergy to eat food with calcium lactate in the ingredients list.

I found an article on the web that I haven’t spotted before which has a great list of other things that do, may and definitely don’t contain any dairy, so I thought I’d share it here.

Check out this very comprehensive article from the Center for Young Women’s Health It offers a really concise description of dairy allergy, intolerance and which ingredients you can, might be able to, and shouldn’t eat.

It’s a minefield reading ingredients labels and trying to avoid all the many variations of dairy containing ingredients, but here is one you don’t have to worry about, or so the experts say.

However I and many others think that they do react to lactic acid, regardless of whether it was grown on a lactose/dairy base. Just read the lactic acid post above to read over 30 comments from people who avoid lactic acid.

So is it safe to eat something that is a ‘salt made by the action of lactic acid on calcium carbonte’? Just because no milk protein remains, does this mean it won’t cause a mild reaction for those of us who are highly sensitive to milk?

I’m not aware of anyone with any problems with calcium lactate but they might be out there. I’m not sure if I have any problems either myself but I try to avoid most processed foods anyway.

Has anyone out there with a dairy allergy found they get a reation from things containing calcium lactate?

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  1. Lactic acid comes from sore milk so if calcium lactate is made from the action if lactic acid wouldn’t that means if you had a milk allergy you should not take calcium lactate?

    • Hi Denise, I know, it sounds wrong doesn’t it. I have checked a number of reputable sources who all say there is no milk protein in calcium lactate so it should be OK for people with a dairy allergy. It certainly wouldn’t cause any possible danger of anaphylaxis. Do you have a dairy allergy Denise? Have you found you have a problem with calcium lactate?

  2. Thank you so much. I was worried that I had just consumed dairy when I saw this and realized that calcium lactate doesn’t have any dairy products

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