Champneys restaurant gets the thumbs up!

Imagine walking around a posh restaurant and gazing at all the fresh, healthy options available, noting which you can and can’t eat by reading the GF, DF, NF notes with full ingredients and information on fat, salt and sugar content. It doesn’t happen in many restaraunts – the onous is usually on you, the customer, to ascertain if a meal contains a certain allergen or not.

Champneys Health Farm in Tring
Champneys restaurant was very switched on indeed, and imagine also that you are wearing a big white fluffy robe as you browse the tempting food options. All very surreal! I did wonder if I was dreaming but no, thanks to a very good friend, I was enjoying a luxurious pampering day at Champneys in Tring. Made even more special by the amazing food choices on offer – I ate very healthily but ate far too much!

The parsnip soup looked so inviting and was nut free, gluten and wheat free, dairy free and tomato free – but that little green stick shaped evil vegetable (celery) scuppered my parsnip soup plans.

So if you have allergies, or would like to treat someone you love to spa day, Champneys are a great choice to go for, albeit not a cheap treat option. Ring them and discuss the options because some of the treatments might not be suitable, and staff don’t tend to understand what all the ingredients in the skin care products are. A simple massage with grape seed oil was the perfect treatment for me and it left me so chilled out I could almost have fallen asleep. Visit: to find out more.

Have any of you tried a spa day? Did you enjoy it? Where did you go? Anyone been to Champneys?

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  1. Ive been to Champneys (Henlow and Springs) and love the food especially at Henlow. I have a soya allergy and every lunch and dinner time the chef would let me know which foods to stay clear of. Last time I stayed was for a full week and every day the menu was different and yummmy – only problem because the food surroundings are luxury I had to order wine which didnt help the diet!

    • I agree, I had such an amazing time when I went, even with 4 major allergens. Sorry my reply is so late but glad you enjoyed it too. Well ahead of the game with the new allergen regulations just out hopefully other places will improve too.

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