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If you can’t eat gluten and dairy and haven’t yet discovered Fria products then you really should give them a try. They’re Swedish and as such, aren’t available in many shops yet apart from a handful in London. I discovered them at the Allergy and Gluten Free show this year and was blown away – especially by the chocolate brownie cake and the cinammon buns.

Fria Kladdkaka chocolate brownie cake

Fria Kladdkaka chocolate brownie cake

Fria sell a whole range of gluten free breads including a sliced loaf, a selection of mini baguettes, rolls and a poppy seed bun, as well as apple muffins . I’ve only tried the Mini Baguette fibre rich roll so far but it was great for lunch and picnics as it holds together really well, and truly you would not know it was gluten free. It was delicious and I think, just as nice as normal rolls. I think I fancy the poppy seed one next time.

Fria Kanelbulle Cinnamon Bun

Fria Kanelbulle Cinnamon Bun

This week I spotted a very interesting status on the Gluten Free Foods (GFF) Facebook page that they’re planning a Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF) offer on all Fria products from next week!

Check out GFF’s Facebook page and ‘Like’ them to keep up-to-date and don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

I have only bought Fria products direct online from Gluten Free Foods Direct so far but have been very impressed with both the price and delivery. Make sure you request the chilled/frozen delivery option as all Fria products are sold frozen to preserve freshness.

Fria Grova Mini Bagette Fibre rich roll

Fria Grova Mini Bagette Fibre rich roll

I do wish cafes would start stocking these products. They could keep them in their freezers – I might start a campaign, or at the very least start emailing my favourite local deli’s and coffee stomping grounds to suggest they try them out. I think if more places offered stuff like this, and advertised it properly, they would find it flew out of the freezer!

Why not start asking at your favourite cafe’s and restaurants too. Tell them about Fria, and other gluten and dairy free products that you love. If enough of us start asking, if we ask enough, if we close our eyes really tightly shut and wish really hard – all our dreams will come true – right? Ah, I can live in hope.

You can even buy Fria in real shops – if you live in London that is…

Fria Vallmofralla poppy-seed roll

Fria Vallmofralla poppy-seed roll

TotallySwedish, a new all Swedish food store that now has two stores in London is also selling Fria online as well as in their stores!! It’s good to have another option for buying online with nationwide delivery! Visit: and visit their webshop to buy, not just Fria, but other Swedish delicacies, often also gluten and/or dairy free online.

UK Stockists for Fria products:

  • John Lewis Foodhall, 300 Oxford Street, London W1A 1EX
  • John Lewis Foodhall, Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent (If you find that they are out of stock you can ask for them to re-stock by sending a reqest by email to:
  • Scandinavian Kitchen, 61 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PP
  • TotallySwedish, 32 Crawford Street, London W1H 1LS
  • TotallySwedish, 66 Barnes High Street, London SW13 9LD

(note: not all the retailers below stock the whole Fria range, the largest range is TotallySwedish, Scandinavian Kitchen and GFF)

Online stores:

Fria products are all sold frozen so they will keep longer in your freezer. They defrost really well and I think more products should offer this option. It ensures they’re fresh so you know they won’t be stale – nothing more disappointing than ordering gluten free bread online from the supermarket and finding it’s at or past it’s sell by!

Do you like Fria products? Not tried them yet? Which is your favourite?
Go on! Try some Fria goodies. You know you want to… and no excuses now about not knowing where to find them.

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