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Do’s and Don’ts for fighting cold sores

You know the signs, that tell-tale little tingling sensation that signals you’re in for a real treat, a cold sore is on the way, but there are loads of natural remedies and practical things you can do to send them packing…

News goes viral! I’ve popped up in Australia!

Someone told me that I was recently (Autumn 2010) in Australia Woman’s Day magazine. Well, I told them they must have the wrong Ruth. I know I’m really famous and all that (Yeah Right!) but that they must be mistaken. Imagine my shock when I found out they were right!

New guidelines for diagnosing food allergy

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have today published guidelines on diagnosing food allergy in children in a primary care and community setting. These are the first allergy related guidelines to be delivered and they aim to give information to health professionals in primary care on how to suspect and diagnose food […]

Is raw milk better for allergies?

The raw milk debate is raging on as we speak and was even featured on Radio 4 only last week but what exactly is raw milk? Is it good or bad to drink? And could pasteurised milk be to blame for dairy intolerance and milk allergies? Read on to find out more…

The Regulation of Herbal Medicine – a development…

New legislation governing herbal medicine and traditional chinese medicine practitioners will come into effect at the end of April 2011. That’s only two months away… should you be stock piling your favourite remedies?

Allergies on TV and radio

With statistics showing allergies are rather alarmingly on the increase why isn’t there more representation of people with allergies on TV and radio?

My coffee shop allergy – reacting to milk vapour?

Something strange has begun to happen to me in coffee shops recently. I suspect it’s something to do with all the latte and hot chocolate slurpers surrounding me on all sides, but what am I to do?

A sad poem about allergies and eczema

Something a bit different today, a very sad poem that I wrote in 2008 when my skin and allergies were particularly raw. I am happy to report my skin is so much better but I thought it might sound familiar to some of you. Click through to read “Just stop scratching” by Ruth Holroyd

What are the weirdest allergies?

Someone asked me the other day, “What are the weirdest allergies you’ve ever heard of?” and it made me stop and think. Here are just a few fo the weirdest ones I’ve come across…