Archives for June 2011

Running 10km to raise money for Allergy UK

I’m running the British 10km run in London to raise money for Allergy UK. Find out more and donate if you would like to on my Just Giving page…

Raising awareness for The Anaphylaxis Campaign – Orange Wig Day!

I wore an orange wig all day on Thursday 22nd June to raise awareness for The Anaphylaxis Campaign. People across the country will have been doing the same thing – did you see anyone with an orange wig on?

Chocolate brownies taste testing – Fria and The Cake Crusader

This week I’ve been tasting and comparing chocolate brownies – both gluten and dairy free from Fria and The Cake Crusader. Read on to find out more. A taste explosion!

Delicious Gluten Free Freedom Cookies

I just had to share this recipe for gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free delicious cookies from Cookability. They’re quick and easy to make and absolutely yummy.

Bring back immunotherapy for allergies!

Leonhard Noon and John Freeman pioneered immunotherapy treatment here in Britain a hundred years ago, yet it seems we learnt little from their success. Read on to find out more about immunotherapy and how it can cure some allergies.

Aqueous cream is the worst thing to use for eczema

Aqueous cream has often been prescribed as the first choice moisturiser for people with eczema but now it’s been proven to actually make skin worse! Stop using Aqueous cream now if you haven’t already!

The first of many gluten free tweetups #gftweetup

Thursday 2nd June was the first gluten free tweetup. Search for #gftweetup if you want to read the conversations and questions. Read on to find out more…

More on amalgam fillings – Getting them taken out!

Thinking of having your mercury amalgam fillings removed? Then you should read this. What dentists aren’t telling you about mercury fillings and some suggested sensible precautions for removal…