Archives for December 2011

Could ultrasound revolutionise gluten free baking?

If you’ve ever tried to bake using gluten-free flours you’ll know it can be a challenge to achieve the desired result. Scientists are researching whether ultrasound could improve the texture of mass-produced gluten-free baked goods. Yes, you heard me correctly, ultrasound!

Quinoa porridge with apple, raisins and mesquite flour

If you’re bored of gluten free toast or the same old porridge for breakfast, why not try quinoa porridge. It’s tasty, filling and really good for you, so here are a few ideas…

Are you being conned into spending too much on coconut milk?

Do you buy coconut milk for cooking? Ever wondered why it costs so much? Are you being conned into spending too much? Next time you go shopping check out the ethnic aisle or try your local ethnic supermarket, most towns have one.

Where have all the apple crisps gone?

Apple crisps are the perfect allergy free snack for lunch boxes of handbags, but where do you find them? I’ve been searching for weeks so I thought I’d share a clever recipe to make your own!

Christmas present idea #1 – Allergy free cookbook

This week we cooked pork meat balls for tea; they were really tasty and very easy to make. The recipe came from “I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright, a brilliant allergen free cookbook, and an excellent idea for a Christmas present…