Gluten free and dairy free pork pie heaven

I’ve never been a massive fan of pork pies, probably something to do with the jelly stuff they seem to have inside, and also because for someone who has to avoid gluten, dairy, nuts, celery and tomato they are usually off limits. I console myself with the fact that I don’t like them, so what am I missing, right?

Well I recently tried a humble little pork pie, having not eaten one since I was teenager.

Foodamentalists Pork, chicken and stuffing pieHowever, this was no ordinary pork pie.

This was a Foodamentalists pork, chicken and stuffing pie.

To be more exact, it was made with gluten free hot water pastry filled with gluten free outdoor reared pork sausage meat and free range chicken breast, topped with homemade stuffing, also gluten free of course.

I have no idea what ‘hot water pastry is’ but on googling the term it appears that it’s the perfect pastry for pies. On tasting it I’d have to agree that is absolutely correct.

It was quite a small pork pie and certainly looked very tasty, so I piled my plate high with salad; lettuce, peppers, watercress, spinach, nori flakes, spring onion, courgette slices and a drizzle of olive oil and duly tucked in.

It was… delicious. The best pork pie I’ve ever had, and I really, truly cannot believe it was gluten free. The pastry was firm but not crumbly and the perfect thickness. It was packed with pork and chicken with a generous layer of stuffing. There was none of that nasty wobbly gloopy aspic, just good, honest meat.

My only problem was that it was so filling I couldn’t finish a whole one. Don’t be fooled by their diminutive size. These little pork pies will be enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetite, or perfect shared between two. The stuffing on the top is a very nice touch.

They are suitable for home freezing, are wheat free, gluten free and dairy free but they do contain yeast and egg.

Ingredients: Pork(40%), Lard, water, rice flour, gramflour, egg, chicken(10%), water, thyme, basil, baking powder, yeast, salt, tapioca flour, potato flour.

Typical Nutritional Values per 100g: Energy: 1477KJ, Energy: 361Kcal, Protein:7.1g, Carbohydrates: 15.1g, Fat:32.1g

Coming in at just £2.20 they aren’t bad value and make the perfect picnic treat or lunch box snack.

Check out the Foodamentalists website to buy these and also many other gluten free and often dairy free coatings, batter mixes, breads and bread flour mixes and yorkshire pie mix too.

If you order over £65 worth you qualify for free delivery so you’ll need storage space and a large freezer for this option but if you could share the order with a friend it makes it more doable.

I am a convert to pork pies and can’t wait to snaffle the other two, nestling happily in the freezer, waiting for the sun to shine so I can go for a picnic in style.

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