Gluten, wheat and dairy free tortilla wraps

Being quite a lazy and unadventurous cook I’d never have considered making my own tortillas, especially gluten free ones before. I’ve missed tortilla wraps. I used to love them and often have them for lunch but had resigned them to the archives of ‘nice foods I have eaten in the past’.

If you are also daunted by such kitchen endeavours, fear not, The Foodamentalists are here. Steven Taylor, owner of The Foodamentatalists persuaded me to give them a go, telling me I couldn’t go wrong, they were so easy to make and that I’d love them.

Foodamentalists gluten free tortillas

Foodamentalists gluten free tortilla wraps

So one rainy Sunday morning I tried to make a batch of their gluten free flour tortillas from scratch.

You order a packet of premixed gluten free flour, which is “A new mix that makes soft flour tortillas. This mix is very easy to use & make a great alternative to gluten free bread.”

They are Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and suitable for vegetarians so they are completely allergen free.

The pack is 300g which would do for two separate batchs, depending how many you want to make.

Ingredients: (in no particular order): Chick Pea, Tapioca, Corn , Rice flour, Salt.

You’ll be pleased to hear they are VERY easy to make.

You will also need 130ml of cold water and two eggs. That’s it, just two other ingredients and there is also a simple recipe on the packet that tells you how to make them, which is so easy even I can do it.

I can eat eggs when cooked, but for those of you who can’t tolerate eggs I’m going to try the next batch with flax seed egg replacer so watch this space. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work so fingers crossed.

Basically you beat the ingredients to form a thick but smooth batter. Refridgerate for 30 minutes, then whisk again before making the tortillas. They don’t take long to cook at all and even my husband, who can eat anything, tried one, liked it and ate the lot! That is the ultimate test. Sometimes something that I think is heavenly doesn’t quite come up to the mark with normal eaters who don’t have to avoid gluten, dairy etc. I think your taste buds do change to appreciate the different free-from foods so these flour tortillas passed the hardest test.

I think I might have made my tortillas slightly thick, but they were delicious, seen above here with a tuna and cress filling. I used half the pack which made about four tortillas. You could probably stretch that to five if you did thinner wraps, but they were definitely well worth the effort. A really tasty lunch-time treat.

It’s great to have another option when you’re eating free-from or have coeliac disease and I’ll definitely be buying these again. It can be difficult to think of different, exciting and tasty things to have for lunch and when everything must be made from scratch it can be easy to get lazy and stick to the same old stuff.

I also bought a packet of The Foodamentalists yorkshire pudding mix at the same time so that’s my next challenge.

What will they turn out like? I’ve had mixed success when trying to make these on my own and find that in the past they’ve been pretty bad so I’m looking forward to giving the Foodamentalists mix a go. If these tortillas are anything to go by noone will know the difference!

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  1. These look very interesting. I usually make wraps from scratch for my son but I can never get them to freeze well. Have you tried freezing these? Do they freeze well?


    • Hi Madison. I haven’t tried to freeze them but I checked with the Foodamentalists, who make them, and they said: “Yes the tortillas can be frozen, if you layer them with grease proof paper before freezing it stops them from sticking together.”

  2. Fruitloops says:

    Hi, this is a great website with lots of useful info for allergy sufferers. However, I just wanted to point out that I keep coming across the rather misleading phrase ‘allergen free’ (various recepies etc). I have a 15 month old with multiple food allergies, one being potatoes – so the recipe above would not be allergen free for her. In fact, almost any food can cause an allergic reaction – it’s just some are much more likely to cause a reaction in more people than others.

    • Hi Fruitloops! I know where you are coming from. I am allergic to many odd and weird unusual things which can still be found in supposedly allergen-free products. Allergen free generally means it’s freefrom the top 14 nasties and known allergens. I’m also allergic to tomato, celery and coriander – which are often in freefrom foods. Keeps me on my toes! Always read the label. Potatoes is a tough one though. Feel for your little one. Can she eat sweet potatoes? One of my fave veggies. Thanks for the comment.

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