Achieving a balanced diet without certain food groups

The next What Allergy Allergy Support Group, in association with The Anaphylaxis Campaign, has a theme!

Jenny Tschiesche (pronounced TeeShee for those, like me, confused by her surname) has kindly agreed to speak about ‘Achieving a balanced diet without certain food groups’.

She will be explaining how to ensure you make up for any short-fall in nutrients and will also include a demonstration of a recipe or two to inspire you.

A bit about Jenny…

Jenny Tschiesche - Nutrition Consultant

Jenny Tschiesche – Nutrition Consultant

Jenny Tschiesche, Nutrition Consultant, is fast becoming one the UK’s leading experts in nutrition.

An EXPERT in ALLERGEN-FREE living, Jenny applies her vast knowledge to consult to food manufacturers and restaurants who want to deliver foods on their menu for the growing numbers of people who cannot eat gluten and/or dairy and/or egg.

An EXPERT in CHILDRENS HEALTH she visits schools where she regularly provides interactive and educational sessions for children using a unique tool set she has designed to engage and educate children in healthy eating.

The important information that you need to know is that it’s taking place nr Wendover in Buckinghamshire on Wednesday October 3rd 2012 from 7.30 till 9.30pm. To book your place please email

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  1. A little birdy told me Jenny will be demonstrating her recipe for coconut fudge, dairy free, nut free and wheat free. Anyone tempted?

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