Ecover Zero – washing up with no gloves

I have been testing Ecover Zero for a few months now and have not looked back. My latex free washing-up gloves have been relegated to the nasty jobs like cleaning the loo and bathroom. They’re a bit sad because they liked washing up, but with Ecover Zero you really don’t need to wear gloves.

What’s in Ecover Zero?

Ecover Zero has no added fragrance or colouring so it’s much kinder to sensitive skin.
The ingredients on the bottle (especially for Micki) are Water, Anionic and Non-ionic surfactants, lactic acid and sodium citrate.

They told me that: “The lactic acid that we use is produced by micro-organisms in a fermentation process, in our case a fermentation of sugars and water.” so basically, it’s not from dairy.

Look no gloves!

Look no gloves - Ecover Zero washing up liquidMy hands don’t even feel dry at all after using it.

If you’d like to try Ecover Zero it’s available online and in supermarkets so look out for it.

The range also includes a laundry liquid, fabric conditioner and washing powder.

They are all fragrance free so they’re good for your skin and kind to the environment.

The lovely people at Ecover are giving away a year’s supply of Ecover Zero on their website ‘The Splash’ to mark National Eczema Week.

The deadline to enter is 30th September so go for it and good luck!

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  1. Hi Ruth, always on the look out for citrus, dairy and grain free washing up liquids. Can’t see the ingredients anywhere online, can you pls tell me what’s on the bottle? Ta muchly.

    • Hi Micki, I have added ingredients to the blog post now as I’m sure others may want to know. I have also emailed them to clarify the lactic acid used. I am not having a problem with it all and haven’t used the gloves for weeks and I am usually very sensitive. Half a bottle gone now so it must be kind. Will let you know what they say about lactic acid, though if it’s only in contact with skin on the hands, should be OK??? Never assume. I know. It also depends whether people rinse stuff when they wash up, which I ALWAYS do.

  2. Fab, thanks Ruth. Looks better than their normal one. I used that a few weeks ago, only new thing, and had a migraine within 2 hours of doing the washing up. Perhaps I am allergic to washing up, yay! I use the Bio-D one and that is fine.

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