Five poems about eczema and allergies

Because it’s National Eczema Week I thought I’d pull together all the poems I’ve written about having allergies and eczema into one place.

I hope they strike a chord and help you to realise there are others out there, you are not alone.

  1. I wrote this one about the frustration of having eczema and hearing those two little words, over and over again. Just stop scratching.
  2. This one is about the disgust and disappointment of finding more Blood on the sheets after a night of scratching.
  3. This poem is about all the foods I miss, because I can’t eat them any more due to allergies.
    I dream of…
  4. Have you really got an allergy? came about after just another one of those conversations with someone who didn’t believe I really had true allergies, and that all allergies are just in the mind. Please could someone tell that to my confused body, because it keeps going against my will into allergic reactions. Allergies are very real!
  5. This one is not quite eczema related but some people with eczema also have allergies. I wrote this one after having an anaphylactic attack. Fear grips takes you through all the emotions and fears that happen in that short time while your body flys out of control and fights the allergen inside.
  6. That’s all for now folks but I’m sure there will be more…

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