Delicious dairy free coconut yogurt from CoYo

If you can’t eat dairy or soya the world of delicious rich and creamy yogurt is a distant memory. Well not any more; I recently discovered the new CoYo yogurt. It’s made from coconut milk and is totally gluten, dairy and soya free. It tastes just like the real thing.

Now I know there are some really good soya yogurts out there, but if you can’t tolerate soya either they’re not suitable.

This is a total luxury for anyone with a dairy allergy or lactose intolerance.

You can buy CoYo at lots of local stores and I found it on the website. To find your nearest stockist visit

I ordered a few tubs to try and needless to say they didn’t last long, not even long enough to take a photograph, except of the empty tub.

CoYo coconut dairy and soya free yogurt

It tastes so creamy and smooth and is packed with real fruit chunks.

I had to keep reading the ingredients list to check it really was OK.

They contain coconut milk 97.9%, tapioca starch, xylitol and selected probiotic cultures.

All I can say is, Mmmmm Hmmmm. Bring me some more. I want some now!

It’s not cheap at £1.99 a tub but I’m happy to pay this for something so tasty and also a really useful addition to my diet. It contains good bacteria too so is great for maintining a healthy gut and helping with your digestion.

Whilst researching to write this blog post I discovered that they also make ice cream!

Has anyone else tried this yogurt, or the ice cream? What did you think?

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  1. I agree, the yoghurt is great. My only problem with it, is the price and availability. I have now found a local(ish) shop that sells it, but the other week they had none left 🙁 I am now toying with the idea of home made yoghurt, but obviously I need a dairy free starter culture. Can you suggest anywhere that I could get some from?

    • Hello there, well yes it is pricey but it’s so tasty. My nearest shop is too far away really. Guess we just have to keep asking for it in the shops. With regards starter cultures, could you save a bit of CoYo and use that?

  2. Hello, I emailed holland and barratt a few months back and they told me they were planning to start stocking it within the next few months.

  3. Wow! That looks delicious, but it is expensive. If I’m going to eat yogurt, it’s going to be this raw vegan paleo coconut kefir yogurt. And there’s a video recipe I can watch while I’m making it. Nice! Oh an it’s #glutenfree #raw #paleo and #diaryfree. Yeeeah!!! Thanks!

    • That video sounds cool… i never knew you could make your own at home. Definitely going to watch that for some inspiration, bit I’m so lazy I think I’ll probably end up buying Coyo. I should grasp the challenge and have a go though. HOw hard can it be with a video to watch to help you?

  4. Frankie says:

    Can’t believe you people are complaining about the yogurt being 2 pounds.. it’s $10 in Australia which is around 6.50 pounds.

    • Hi Frankie, WOW $10 – that is more than we pay here. I guess us allergics get fed up always paying more, but you’re right, what people forget is the research that went into creating a product that’s healthy, safe, ingredients sourced freefrom and premesis freefrom, staff educated in freefrom manufacturing etc. etc. With all this and the fact they can’t produce in such huge numbers due to problems getting it into shops and demand, not enough people buying it. It’s a vicious circle. I just really wish more companies will stock this because I really struggle to find it in shops and if I buy online I have to buy six tubs which I struggle to use up in time. That’s my only complaint. I love it. Apparently… they are bringing out an ice cream soon… Ta Dah! How cool is that? Cool – geddit?

      • Frankie says:

        Everything in this country is so ridiculously expensive!!! 🙁 It’s sad!

        The funny thing is, is that the yogurt is SOOOO popular here, that it’s always sold out. I went to the shop yesterday and it was sold out, and the lady told me that they only got a new batch the day before. They charge it because they know they can, and that people buy it anyway. So I have actually never tried it !
        I don’t even think we can buy online here! Oh yummm sounds good! Probably will cost me $20 though haha

        • Well I wonder if it is the same brand and how they would feel about some retailers charging over £6 for a pot of yogurt. I think that sucks. It’s often sold-out here. Dumb really cos they loose that sale and does everyone keep checking? And then people take all of them cos they get that panic buy thing. We have that with #GF bread – totally empty shelves! Stupid planning and shops not really understanding their customers. Why not try making that kefir yog… See link above. The meat cleaver scares me a bit -I am prone to cut fingers when using sharp knives… I’d loose a limb with that!

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