Avoiding coriander at Christmas

Just a quick warning about the almost random and indiscriminate use of coriander in food these days.

It seems that nearly every Christmas food I look at that’s very cleverly wheat, dairy and nut free will contain conriander.

Why? Why? Why? Please, someone, please tell me. Is it really that tasty?

Evil KoreanDuh, Coriander's cousin
It’s a curry ingredient… and it makes me sick!

Please, please, please, food makers, don’t put nasty coriander in everything.

I find it in fish pies, in soups, in crisps, in biscuits, in chutneys, in jams, in salads and in Christmas food everywhere.

So, this Christmas I will be mostly making my own mince meat, making my own Christmas pudding, and making my own coriander corn dolly and sticking pins in it.

I’m avoiding coriander this Christmas
She’s off my christmas card list
Too strong, smelly and nasty
I think you get the gist

My broth is kind of sacred
My favourite carrot soup
Don’t add Coriander!
Ruined in one fell swoop

Stick to Indian curries
I’d expect it there and smile
Just get out of my mince meat
But you can put it in a Dahl

So darling Coriander
Or Korean Duh! maybe
Don’t hide in my crisps and biscuits
It makes me sick you see

Stay where I can see you
In foods where I expect
But keep out of the freefrom
I really am quite vexed

And just because it’s Christmas
And everyone loves the taste
Leave out the coriander
And use nutmeg or mace

OK, rant over…

And before you all reply saying you ‘lurve’ coriander, I know, I know, it’s really good for you and all that, but if you’re allergic to it it tastes like soap, urgh!

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