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In praise of veg boxes

Do you have a problem eating processed foods? This year I’ve decided to give veg boxes a go in a bid to follow my wholefoods diet plan, hopefully this will help my asthma, eczema, allergies and general health. Read on for more about veg boxes…

My delicious #DF, #GF lunch today

You’re hungry, you’re busy and you need to grab some lunch. So what do you have if you can’t eat dairy, wheat, gluten, tomatoes, celery, eggs or nuts? Try this delicious idea for cold quinoa salad with watercress, sweetcorn, mackeral and nori flakes.

The day I used my EpiPen for the first time!

Have you ever had an anaphylactic attack? Have you ever actually used your EpiPen? If you haven’t, and have ever been scared of trying, you should read this, and promise me one thing – you’ll use yours if you are in any doubt! Please?

Use your EpiPen!

If you have a serious allergy to anything you will most likely carry an EpiPen in your bag at all times, but have you ever actually used it? Are you terrified about that prospect and think you just might get better naturally without bothering 999 and wasting the drugs? My advice, if you’ve having an allergic reaction and are getting short of breath, call 999 and use your EpiPen!

A quarter of the population think people with allergies are fussy eaters!

This week we hear that a quarter of the UK population actually thinks that those with allergies are just being fussy eaters. Find out more about Food Allergy and Intolerance Week which helps to raise awareness of what allergies really are and the difference between allergies and food intolerances.

Stress and depression – the allergy link

Have you ever made the link between having an allergic reaction and feeling depressed? Can certain foods cause mood swings and depression in people who are sensitive? If my own experiences are anything to go by there is a definite link.

Judges queue up to taste test ‘freefrom’ foods!

Do you have a favourite free from food that has literally changed your food world? Who do you think are the leaders in free from foods? Find out more about the Free Food Awards 2012 here and follow the developments on their website and Facebook page.

Coriander allergy – watch out for ‘spices’!

Ever noticed ‘spices’ in an ingredients list? You probably don’t give it a moments thought, but if you have coriander allergy, this might mean the presence of coriander. Always check with the manufacturer, and read on to find out more about coriander allergy…

Nutmeg – another nutty problem? or just innocent food?

Nutmeg sounds like it’s a nut, but it’s seen as a spice; should those with a peanut or treenut allergy avoid nutmeg? It’s a very rare allergy but as an ingredient it can be hidden in many different foodstuffs so read on if you’re nut allergic!