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I dream of… a short poem by Ruth Holroyd

I dream of profiteroles, Buttered bacon rolls
Risotto, pizza, garlic bread, Not a care in my head

Meet the Director of the Allergy Show

Ever wondered how the Allergy Show came about? who organises it? what their aims, motivations, views etc. are Potentially life changing but potentially also a health and safety nightmare. I put some questions to Tom Treverton, Director of The Allergy and Free From Show

Does my skin look bad in this? You could say…

Do you find it hard when people ask how your skin is or comment on an allergy rash? Here are a few responses you could use to reply. It’s importnat to stay positive, learn to love yourself and accept your skin, allergies etc. and most of all keep smiling!

Twitterview on Sat, 18th Aug 12pm – interviewed by @Nodairyoreggs

This weekend, Saturday 18th August at 12pm I am being interviewed on Twitter by @NoDairyorEggs which makes me almost famous and very honoured. To join in use the hashtag #AskWhatAllergy

Which folic acid supplements are allergen free?

If you’re planning a family your doctor will probably recommend folic acid. If you have allergies to dairy and grains this isn’t quite so easy, most contain lactose, fillers, unknown ingredients etc. Here a few safe brands of folic acid for those with allergies.

It’s lactic acid but not as we know it

Can you be allergic to lactic acid, even if it’s not derived from dairy? Or is all lactic acid made from dairy? Why do I react every time I eat anything with lactic acid even when it’s not labelled as containing dairy? Is the labelling at fault? or is this a new allergy for the list?

Vitamin D3 for allergies and skin health

Are you getting enough vitamin D in your diet? It plays a vital role in skin health and allergies so read on to find out more about studies into benefits of vitamin D and which supplements and food sources are the best

FREE tickets to the Allergy Show in Liverpool

Fancy some free tickets to The Allergy Show on 27-28th October in Liverpool? Follow the link here to claim your free ticket, take care to check for any allergens at the show and stay safe.

Breastfeeding could cause allergies in kids?

Breastfeeding could cause allergies in kids? I read this and thought, ‘That’s crazy! We all know breastfeeding is good for babies’. What do you think of this study? Are you confused too?