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What symptoms do cold sores cause?

Are you plagued with unsightly cold sores? Do they make your life a misery at this time of year? If you’ve tried everything and are looking for a natural treatment you might be interesting to read more about cold sores and treating them…

There’s a hole in my bread, dear Genius, dear Genius

What’s your favourite gluten free bread and where do you generally buy it? I find I am very fickle and don’t really have a firm favourite at the moment. I tend to buy Genius if I can find it, not so easy where I live, and Warburtons most often because it’s always on the shelf. So are you loyal? what’s your fave #GF bread?

FreeFrom Food Awards – bigger, better – and back for 2013

If you haven’t discovered the Free From Food Awards yet you’re in for a treat. I’ve been lucky enough to join the judges panel which is an intense experience and a very brief insight into the immense amount of work and effort that goes into orchestrating these awards. Well worth entering if you’re a free from food company and even more worth keeping an eye on if you’re a free from food consumer. Watch this space…

Delicious dairy free coconut yogurt from CoYo

Do you have a dairy allergy or intolerance? Can you also not eat soya due to an allergy or sensitivity? If you miss yogurt then you’ll love CoYo’s new coconut yogurt, available in lots of flavours and tastes really rich and creamy

Gluten Sensitive? Then You May Need To Ditch That Starbucks!

If you’re sensitive to gluten or have coeliac disease, is it enough just to avoid gluten, or are there other foods that can cross react with grains? To find out more about cross reactivity with gluten grains read on…

Did you miss me?

I’ve missed all of you guys and my trusty blog but life has just reared up and stolen all my blogging time away lately. I have loads of things planned for you like a write up of all the amazing things we learnt at the last Allergy Support Group with a nutritionist speaker, also learnings […]

Purepotions tea tree salve for cold sores – 3 free pots!

Anyone who has cold sores will try anything to get rid of them. I find tea tree oil works really well, so why not try this new purepotions tea tree salve. Its natural antiseptic qualities could really shorten the life of a cold sore. You could also win a free pot so read on quick to be in with chance…