Allergy Support Group – Holidays with allergies – 24th April 2013

The next Anaphylaxis Campaign and Allergy Support Group will be taking place on Wednesday 24th April in Wendover, Bucks and will be all about Planning holidays with life threatening allergies…

When: Wednesday 24th April 2013 from 7.30pm until 9.30pm
Where: The Shoulder of Mutton, 20 Pound St, Wendover, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP22 6EJ

Going on holiday can be terrifying for anyone with life threatening allergies. It takes lots of planning and research, so what precautions should you take and how can you guarantee you really do get a holiday from your allergies?

  • Tips for safe flying
  • Is self catering safest and how to make this as easy as possible
  • Making your holiday check list
  • Never leave home without…
  • Safe places to go

Who should attend?

Anyone is welcome. Everyone is welcome. If you have allergies or food intolerances, whether that’s one allergy or many, please book a place and come along. If you have coeliac disease many of the same precautions and tips may also be useful. If you have kids with allergies you probably need to be even more diligent.

Comment from an attendee

β€œIt was great to meet you and thank you so much for inviting us. Rick and I really found the evening useful and interesting. It was so nice to talk to someone who suffers with allergies like my daughter Issy and great to share experiences and talk to someone who has had an anaphylaxis shock. It was also great to find out about foods Issy could have which we did not know about and nice to hear you have been to some restaurants! We are thinking about taking Issy at the weekend to McDonalds for a Fish finger Happy Meal!”

What should you expect?

We are a relatively new group but have had to change venue due to the old pub being too small. The last meeting attracted 10 attendees from many different locations and backgrounds. Some new to the allergy world and many with loads of experience to share. The meetings are very informal at this stage, we sit around a table, introduce ourselves and bit about our backgrounds and why we’re here and then we discuss the topic of the night. I will bring some handouts too so you have something to take away.

Simply find the pub, get yourself a drink and look for a large table with an Allergy Support Group logo on it. I will also let the staff know where we are so they can help you find us.

This group is being hosted by Ruth Holroyd a local Anaphylaxis Campaign volunteer. All welcome, not just Anaphylaxis Campaign members.

Please feel free to bring a friend if you think they will be interested and please also bring partners.

I’m really looking for adults with allergies. Where are you?
I get lots of parents but not so many adults. Don’t be shy. Come along and join in and get some support.

And men! Where are all the men? We did get two Dads at the last meeting, all about “How to explain allergies to your small child?” which took place earlier in March, so thank you Dads for being brave and joining the debate. It’s good to get input from everyone.

Please email or phone 07979 855047 to book a place.

So who’se coming?

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