Gluten and wheat free tortilla wraps from the Newburn Bakehouse

Warburton’s Newburn Bakehouse recently sent me a very exciting package in the post. It’s something every gluten free-er out there has been waiting for – the perfect gluten and wheat free tortilla wrap.

Warburtons gluten and wheat free flour tortillas

Warburtons Newburn Bakery gluten and wheat free white tortilla wraps

This is what Warburton’s say about them: The limited edition gluten-free and wheat-free fresh white wraps are here! They are the perfect alternative to the everyday sandwich or a tasty meal; they’re delightfully soft and are available in a handy resealable pack!

Amazingly versatile and the first of its kind – you can top, roll and / or fold these square wraps. Top with whatever you fancy, they make the perfect thin crust pizza, roll with your favourite filling to make a scrumptious sandwich or fold with a hot or cold filling and toast for a quick and easy toastie.
However you chose to eat yours, you’ll enjoy a great tasting meal.

Unfortunately they contained milk so I couldn’t try them 🙁

I did manage to find a very willing volunteer who thoroughly enjoyed them (thank you Amie).

This is what she said:

Newburn Bakehouse gluten and wheat free wraps

Amie’s gluten and wheat free wrap creation

“I have just made enchiladas from these wraps and they where great , they folded well without breaking (which I had problems with when using a different brand).

They stayed intact whilst cooking and where lovely and soft.

The texture and taste is the same as a ‘normal’ wheat containing wrap. the only down side is the cost and the calorie content in one wrap is 216. Apart from that they are great and will buy again!!! (sorry pictures don’t really do it justice) x”

Amie I think your photo of the wraps looks very mouthwatering and thanks for reviewing these for whatallergy.

Where can you find them?

These gluten and wheat free wraps are currently available in Tesco only at a price of £2.99 for three wraps in a handy resealable bag.

They are currently limited edition so if you want the chance to decide whether they stay or not, check out the ‘save the wrap’ app on the Facebook page, so if you try it and you like it head there and let them know!

If you tweet about it please use the hashtag #saveourwraps and spead the word.

Anyone tried them? What did you think?

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  1. I found this brilliant blog by Gluten Free B, about why gluten free bread is expensive. There are reasons, and the more of us buy it and support these companies, the cheaper it will get.

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