Colonic massage for constipation, bloating and IBS

This all sounds complicated doesn’t it and who wants to bare their poorly sore tummy to prodding and kneading when all you want to do is curl up with a hot water bottle?

Regular exercise can help, even a gentle stroll can often get things moving but sometimes the internal movements of the intestines and stomach can become sluggish and need a helping hand.

Colonic massage is just so simple and gives almost immediate relief to constipation, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

There is nothing worse than loose regular movements or slow, non existent and dissappointing rabbit droppings. Both are unhealthy and leave you feeling exhausted and tired and/or sluggish and bloated; not to mention the pain if it goes on for too long.

This simple massage exercise can be done at home, in your bedroom or on the toilet for privacy and can help to alleviate bloating and also aid the passage of stools when you’re actually sitting on the throne!

Colonic massage has a number of brilliant benefits:

  • Cuts down on number of bowel movements if you feel you’re going to often and have loose stools
  • Works like peristalsis and helps move stools around and down to where they should be if you haven’t been for 2-3 days and are feeling constipated
  • Quickly clears trapped wind. Find someone private for this one… let those farts out!
  • Helps ease the passing of hard and stubborn stools

It’s really simple, and anyone, even young kids can learn how to do this. You can use as much or as little pressure as you like (be gentle if you’re teaching your child); use your finger tips, your knuckle or the heel of your hand and work you way around in the direction that your intestines go in so that you give them a helping hand.

Start at the lower right just above your groin and using small small circular massaging movements work you way up your torso, under your rib cage and across to the left side, then work down to the bottom left and ease into the middle of your tummy, towards the rectal region. It’s a bit like a C shape or semi circle area that you cover. You should feel fairly swift relief.

I have Monica from Fria and someone who commented on the 15 tips blog post linked to below to thank for giving me the idea of experimenting with massaging and I have since found a really helpful YouTube video which visually explains how to do it.

Does anyone else try this? Have you found it useful? Anyway I’m just off to massage my colon now so I’ll leave you all in peace. Happy massaging.

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  1. JuanitaFrapp says:

    Honestly thankful to you for colon massage video, one of my friends tired these massage for few days back really it’s useful. I have shared this blog page to my friend now he regularly following the diet and massage. Many people are aware of constipation diet and massage, after seeing your blog it’s really helpful to all. Thank you .

  2. CytheriaUrs says:

    Hello Ruth, The massage tips in the video are really awesome. I haven’t any constipation issues so didn’t try these massage, but I suggested to my cousin to go through your post and also your youtube’s pooping position is also very helpful in getting relief from gas, constipation.
    Thanks for sharing and please keep sharing.

  3. Ryan Johnson says:

    Thanks for this great tutorial. I have a relatively “natural” diet have never had bowel problems, until last weekend that is. Persistent cramping, stomach pain, diarrhea followed by constipation. Finally, last night I gave this colonic massage a shot after a short yoga session. While focusing on breathing and meditation I administered the massage. Plenty of grumbling around the colon and feeling omovement inside the IT. Immaculate stool the next morning, feeling of something passing, and I feel almost 100% just 24 hours later. Great to give a shot before a scope or antibiotics. Thanks!


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