ilumi camping experience – alfesco curry on a camping stove

If you are struggling for holiday ideas that are safe for the food challenged why not try camping.

You instantly avoid the dust problem, you can prepare your own food on a stove thus avoiding the eating out problem. Eating out is a treat it’s not easy for people with allergies or celiac disease; camping gives you the freedom to fall back on cooking your own if you can’t find anywhere locally that’s suitable.

Cooking ilumi on a camp stove

Cooking ilumi cardamom chicken curry on camp stove

Here is the best and most perfect camping solution from ilumi.

ilumi make a whole range of freefrom ready meals from the totally freefrom Cardamom chicken curry and Thai red curry which I can enjoy to loads more for those who can eat tomato. They have avoided all of the top 14 allergens which is something to be very proud of. Not many companies are managing to do that and yet still create such a totally delicious product.

ilumi curry is just like eating the real thing. We cooked rice on one stove and heated ilumi on the other. Two stoves is a definite benefit. We also cooked breakfast of bacon, mushrooms and egg on the stove and had a lovely relaxing outdoors camping holiday with off road cyling up Pen y Fan, walking in the hills, a visit to Hay on Wye and some relaxing in the sun.

We stayed in Talybont near Brecon in Wales and even found a lovely local cafe within walking distance of our camp site. They were happy to use (my) brought in Genius bread to make a sandwich. They also stocked gluten free cakes from We Love Cake. The Apple Crumble slice was delicious.

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