Do you carry a Jext adrenaline auto-injector? Jext malfunction recall

Please check your Jext now!

New Jext auto injector

The new Jext auto injector

Important safety information for patients using Jext® solution for injection in pre-filled pen.

Routine testing conducted by ALK-Abelló has revealed that during the production process in some batches the needle may have become bent, causing the needle to curl up inside the injector housing upon activation and consequently causing the pen not to deliver the required adrenaline dose.

The malfunction only affects a small number, approximately 1 in 2500, of the pens in these batches.

Immediate action has been taken to eliminate similar production issues in the future.

Read the full alert to see which batches have been affected and what you need to do.

This is the response I have had from Alk-Abello, who have now issued text and email alerts to all those with registered Jext injectors.

If you have a Jext or EpiPen make sure you do register your pen to ensure you receive timely communications when things like this happen.

This the response I have had from Jext about how to manage ordering a new pen, because there is likely to be a shortage of pens while this manufacturing problem is sorted out. You will probably be issued an EpiPen instead.

“Unfortunately, through routine testing we have found that there is a potential manufacturing fault with a small number of Jext devices from batches distributed in the UK from 8th May 2013. All previous batches are unaffected.

As there are no Jext available while we fix the problem the MHRA have organised for additional supplies of EpiPen to be distributed throughout the UK. The attached communication gives further information, the advice is that patients who carry a Jext should check the batch numbers of their devices and if affected return to their GP to get a replacement prescription for EpiPen. Further information can be found on our website

We are working closely with the MHRA and DoH so that we fully reimburse the healthcare system for the Jext devices returned.

I hope this information is useful, please do not hesitate to give me a call if I can help in any way.”

With kind regards, Paul Radford, Senior Product Manager

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  1. Chen-Lee Tsui says:

    Hi Ruth

    Many thanks for this alert. As a mother with two small kids with severe allergies I am horrified to have been notified of this news. I have registered in total nine pens with Jext’s Expiry Alert Service, so why they did you not actively push out a message to all users of this service asking to check their pens is beyond me. If I did not happen to follow your blog, I would have completely missed that my son’s nursery has two potentially faulty pens. That said, I am also appalled that my GP surgery has not actively reached out to its patients about this alert since they know who they have prescribed Jext pens to. It might cause panic, but pro activeness cannot hurt anyone. Better safe than sorry.

    • I only heard about from someone who reads this blog and thought to email, clearly communication isn’t working! I wondered whether I had forgotten to register, or maybe because we have registered they know ours are ok? I would recommend everyone checks to be safe. Mine were ok thank goodness.

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Many thanks for this alert – I’ve already passed it on to a couple of friends and my daughter’s school. It sounds like it’s a fair proportion of the Jexts that are out there – one of ours is affected and school are checking theirs.
    Are you able to find out for us what the process of replacement will be?
    Lots of questions have occurred to me: it’s always difficult to get new or extra ones out of GPs; can the manufacturer cope with the extra demand; will someone nationally sort out a system for the manufacturer to pay? I haven’t had any emails from the national organisations yet. Presumably they are waiting till there’s a programme in place.

    • Hi Debbie, I managed to get a very swift response from Alk-Abello who make the Jext pens and I’ve added it to the blog above so everyone can read it. I hope that answers your questions. I guess we have to bear with them in the short term and order an EpiPen which is pretty similar so you should be OK. Thanks for the comment and thanks for passing on the news. The more people know the better.

      • Thanks Ruth. I spent some time on Tuesday chasing prescriptions and we now have two replacements. They are new style Epipens with very clear instructions and a more rigid protective tube like the Jexts. The surgery hadn’t had any information when I contacted them. Anyway all sorted relatively easily.

        • Great news – just make sure you know the differences in using the EpiPen as opposed to the jext. Not much in it really but I think you swing and jab with the EpiPen, rather than hold and press. Glad you got it sorted.

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