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Haggis may contain nutmeg, mace and coriander

With Burn’s Night fast approaching and the Haggis sleeping quietly in the fridge you might want to consider whether the supper is safe for you and how to create an allergy safe meal of haggis, neeps and tatties. Very easy using safe spread and milk in the mash, but what about the haggis?

From June 2012 ALL wine MUST label egg and milk

If you suspect that you react to certain wines you will soon be able to check labels with almost 100% certainty of discovering what allergens are really in there. From June 2012 all new wines produced MUST be clearly labelled if they contain dairy, eggs and sulphites. Read on download the Food Standards Agency guidelines.

Dates for your diary – Allergy Support Groups March and April 2013

I’m planning two Allergy Support Groups for March and April, in association with The Anaphylaxis Campaign. When and how should you explain allergies to your allergic child? Wednesday 6th March – 7.30pm Planning a safe and successful holiday with life threatening allergies Wednesday 24th April – 7.30pm Both these events will be taking place at […]

Why do so few wine labels contain allergen details?

Why do wine and beer producers appear to remain exempt from labelling certain allergens used in the production process? When the food and pharmaceutical companies are obliged by law to declare ALL ingredients and allergens, why not wine producers? Read on to find out why so few wines contain milk ingredient information…