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Allergy Support Group – Holidays with allergies – 24th April 2013

Even thinking about taking a holiday when you have multiple life threatening allergies can be daunting. Planning it can become a military proceedure and you may feel you will never get a real holiday from your allergies. Come along to this support group for some ideas, tips, support and help.

What is nodular prurigo?

What on earth is nodular prurigo, why does it happen and how do you get rid of it? It’s unsightly, itchy and can seem to never get better but it is possible to heal it, with perserverance and lots of moisturiser…

Gluten and wheat free tortilla wraps from the Newburn Bakehouse

Do you dream of the perfect gluten and wheat free tortilla wrap? Do you gaze longingly at the wraps on sandwich shops that you can longer eat? Well dream no more, Warburtons have just launched a gluten and wheat free tortilla wrap and the word on the street is, they’re quite good!

Root canal surgery and allergies – Six things you need to know

If you are having trouble with a tooth and are advised to have root canal surgery by your dentist you could need to worry about more than just the pain in your purse. If you have a latex allergy you need to make sure they don’t use anything that will make you ill e.g. the rubber dam and gutta percha. Research this well and speak in detail to your dentist before going ahead and good luck!

7 replies to stupid comments about your allergy face

If you get sore, red, itchy allergic reactions on your face, or visible eczema or psoriasis, you will know the pain & fear of negative comments. Here are seven replies you could use when you get asked really daft questions about your skin. Positive thinking is the way forward.

Can you be allergic to xanthan gum?

Did you know that xanthan gum can be derived from milk, soya, wheat or corn sugar? It’s grown in a bacterium so you could also just be allergic to all xanthan gum. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what xanthan gum was then read on, it’s very widely used and found in so many food types. Avoiding it on a gluten free diet is not easy…

Lobbying MPs about the state of NHS allergy services in the UK

The NHS is groaning under the weight of patients with allergies but what if that figure should actually be far higher? How many people don’t get a diagnosis and stuggle on in silence, or worse? If we don’t all shout about the state of allergy services from the NHS nothing will ever change. I enjoyed lobbying MPs this week about allergies. Read on to find out more…

How many days have I lost to you my allergy?

This week I am mostly feeling frustrated, itchy, annoyed, cross and in pain, so today I wrote a little poem about how I’m feeling because allergies suck. They’re horrible, confusing and not easy to live with. Go away allergies. How many days have I lost to you?

Are serious life threatening allergies, severe eczema and asthma a disability?

Now here’s an idea for you all. Should people with life threatening allergies, severe eczema and asthma and coeliac disease be claiming disability allowance? Is life quality affected to such an extent that this would ever be feasible? What do you think?