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Wine that contains milk / dairy – a list of producers

We all know that wine producers should now be labelling their wine to show any added milk, egg and sulphites but how many actually are? How easy is it to find guaranteed freefrom wine in the shops? Here is my small but hopefully growing list. Please help me!

In denial about allergies and grieving for food

Do you grieve for the foods you could once eat? Or are you still denying that these foods are causing you a problem and suffering ill health as a result? Is your heart broken by your food allergies?

The FreeFrom Food Awards 2013 rocked!

Now in its sixth year, the Freefrom Food Awards 2013 rewards innovative, tasty and life changing freefrom foods. Find out who won and what happened on the night…

Tomato free chilli sauce, made with lots of red stuff

Cooking without dairy and tomato can be quite a challenge but the safest, tastiest and healthiest solution I’ve found is to make my own tomato free red sauce. It may sound time consuming but you can make a huge batch and freeze for later use and it’s dead easy to make.

15 natural cold sore remedies

Cold sores can ruin your day, they are painful, unsightly and a pain in the lip! So here are some natural remedies that you just might find helpful. They are a collection of ideas from all over the web, I haven’t tried them all but I’m working my way through. Ear wax here we come…

10 reasons to be cheerful about allergies

Here are TEN things that make me very cheerful about having allergies, but remember, don’t let your allergies define you or rule your life. Be positive, embrace the challenges you have been given and get out there into the allergy infested world and make it a better place.

Judging gluten free beer at the FreeFrom Food Awards

Don’t think for a minute that gluten free beer is taste free, far from it. Some of the entrants made normal real ale and discovered after testing that it was naturally gluten free, some were brewed without any barley or hops so it was challenging judging and the more you drank the more you loved them all! Read on to find out more about the gluten beer judging session…

What are you doing for World Allergy Week 2013?

Having life threatening allergies or debilitating asthma is not a choice, it is allergic disease and a growing 2% of the population in the UK have allergies of some sort. That may not seem like much, but this week, during World Allergy Week, us allergy freaks are going to be shouting about it, raising awareness and helping others to understand more what it’s like. We are not fussy! We can’t help it!

Write an Anaphylaxis Allergy Action Plan

If you need to carry adrenalin for your allergies and have anaphylaxis then you should have an Action Plan written to remind you, your family and friends and also your child’s school teachers and carers, exactly what to do in case of emergency. Have you written yours?