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Dairy free wine from Villa Noria – tested!

Ever wondered just where you are supposed to find dairy and egg free wine with low sulphite levels? The sulphite levels are never declared on labels and it’s virtually impossible to get in contact with wine makers to check. Well Uva wines can do just that, check out their Villa Noria range of dairy and egg free wine with very low sulphite levels too…

Good and bad food for a nickel allergy

Did you know that jewellery and metal objects are not the only things you might be allergic to if you react to nickel? Many foods can contain naturally occuring very high levels of nickel including chocolate, cashew nuts, walnuts etc.

Should a nut allergic avoid water chestnuts?

Do you avoid all nuts and foods with nut in the name? None with a life threatening nut allergy could be blamed for playing it safe and avoiding all potential allergens, however water chestnuts are most definitely not nutty, so eat them!

Is a hot bath good or bad for eczema?

If you have eczema you’ll know what a fine balance maintaining healthy skin and avoiding the itch can be, but do you ever try a hot bath? Have you found this makes you worse or helps? I’m interested to find out whether I’m the only eczema weirdo who loves a really hot bath and find it really helps…

Interested in taking part in some Food Allergy Research?

This is a message from a research company who want to speak to people with allergies in the South East. I’ve checked out their website and it all seems quite legit so if you want to get involved it could be very worthwhile and interesting too. Read this if you have food allergies and live […]

The Allergy Show – my top four funnys

I love the Allergy Show. Along with the FreeFrom Food Awards it’s one of the highlights of my year. It’s a chance to discover new products, meet new freefromers and network with old allergy chums. And it’s getting bigger and better every year. Here are some funny things that happened to me…

Genius freefrom (gluten, wheat, dairy) fish pie – tested

Cooking meals from scratch becomes the norm for the free-from cook but it can become easy to get stuck in a rut and loose motivation to experiment. Cooking without gluten and dairy needn’t mean you compromise on taste, so for some inspiration, check out this video of Genius founder Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne showing a mother and her daugher how to make fish pie…

Kidney bean allergy? What the legume is that all about?

If you have an allergy to peanuts or soya you could develop problems with other legumes, including peas, beans, lentils etc. But you might be fine with other legumes and a problem can arise at any time. Read on to find out more about the slow sneaking up of my kidney bean allergy