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Choosing the right floor for your allergies

If you’re investing in a new floor, there are plenty of different options to consider; the right floor could help your allergies to recede considerably, while a poor choice can make things go downhill very quickly. So what are you options? Which type of flooring is best?

Making your own sesame free humous

If you have a sesame allergy you may never have tasted humous. For those with a dairy allergy it’s fantastic for sandwiches and salads. I wanted to try and make it myself but couldn’t find tahini paste without a nut warning. So, I found out how to make it…sesame free!

Can you buy nut and dairy free cocoa powder?

Have you ever tried to find guaranteed nut and dairy free cocoa powder? You can find lots that have a recipe that’s freefrom and a ‘may contain’ warning, so why is that? And what risk are you taking if you ignore that little warning?

Does pressing a cold sore with your fingernail stop it growing?

This is a bit weird but I’ve noticed I do this when I feel the tingle of a cold sore coming. I dig my fingernail into the tingly spot and kind of dare it to show its face. Could this possibly help in any way? Does anyone else do this and find it helps?

Top 5 totally freefrom snack bars and treats

Most healthy snack bars seem to contain nuts and if they are freefrom gluten they will contain other allergens. Which totally freefrom snacks do you buy? Here are top 5 totally freefrom allergen free snack bars and treats for when you’re out and about

ilumi camping experience – alfesco curry on a camping stove

You never get a holiday from allergies but ilumi’s new pouch ready meals make a fantastic meal on a camp stove. You don’t need a fridge, just a pair of scissors to snip open the pouch and heat on your camp stove. Holidays made easy with ilumi

Struggling to keep cool? Itchy hives and heat rash? Problem solved!

If you are struggling to stay cool in this hot weather this cooling baseball cap could be just what you need. I have six to sell in blue and white and they are currently listed in ebay. Read on to find out more and buy one!

Bio-Kult advanced probiotics for SALE

Probiotics are great for maintaining a healthy gut but I bought these in error (they contain dairy and soya) so if you would like to buy some head on down to ebay to be in with a chance of saving £5-10 off the price!

Eggy genius bread with a dash of chilli flakes

A twist on gluten free and dairy free breakfast; Genius eggy bread with chilli and fried bacon – best breakfast ever! The perfect end to alfesco ilumi curry weekend. Who says having allergies is hard work? Thanks to special friends I felt normal, like I actually had pretty special food and there was a bit of ilumi curry envy going on