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What happened at the Food Allergy & Intolerance Summit 2013 – part one

If you haven’t already heard of the Food & Drink Innovation Network (FDIN) and their Annual Food Allergy and Intolerance Summit it’s a two day conference aimed at grocery retail and food service companies who want to explore and realise the opportunities out there in the freefrom and gluten free market place. It’s a huge […]

Interview with Tom, Allergy Show Director and Free tickets!

It’s that time of year again, the Allergy Show North in Liverpool takes place on the 26th and 27th October so if you’re thinking of exploring please don’t forget to download your free ticket, courtesy of What Allergy. Just call it an early Christmas present and have fun. Please remember my top rule for […]

Anaphylaxis to spider bite – allergic reactions in the UK

Spiders are harmless in the UK, right?  Having mostly conquered my spider phobia I am now quaking in fear at the thought of meeting this stinging variety… If you are allergic to insect, wasp or spider stings and venom then you might be interested in news reported in the Independent this week. Bites reported across […]

Facial eczema and mirrors – a short poem

If you have facial eczema mirrors are the enemy. Even reflective windows can show up your rosy visage in all it’s vivid horror. People with eczema have bad skin days AND bad hair days. This is a short poem I wrote on particularly bad skin day…

Are allergies anything to do with your place among siblings?

Is there any truth in the belief that your place in the family could determine the likelihood of you having allergies, being tall, fat, neurotic etc. Are you the eldest child with allergies? Do your siblings have allergies too?