An ode to the FreeFrom Food Awards 2014

Here is a poem that I wrote about the amazing, the incredible, the life changing, the most excellent, FreeFrom Food Awards 2014.
FreeFrom Food Awards 2014
I stopped after the winner and four runners up. It would have been about a hundred verses long…

I also wrote the official review for the FreeFrom Food Awards from a long term freefromer with multiple allergies viewpoint. Read, “FreeFrom Food Awards – The Party!”

I plan to write about my favourite bits but I have rather run out of steam because this poem on top of all that just about finished me off…

You try rhyming with tutti!

So here it is, my very cheesey (dairy and soya free cheese obviously) poem…

An ode to the FreeFrom Food Awards 2014

The FreeFrom Food Awards, now in their seventh year,
The reason so many freefromers are solemnly gathered here.
At The Royal College of Physicians in beautiful Regents Park.
To discover who will make their freefrom mark.

Amy’s Kitchen broccoli and cheddar bake was ‘visually appealing’.
‘A very, very good product.’ The judges said with heartfelt feeling.
Bessant & Drury’s frozen raspberry swirl coconut yogurt dessert,
‘The best coconut product I have tasted’ the judges did assert.

Tesco’s freefrom seeded bread; ‘better ingredients list than most!’
‘Perfect for sandwiches.’ So close to the victorious post.
Waitrose GF egg, watercress and chicken salad roll.
Their ‘Faultless innovation.’ Almost got them the winning goal.

If only everyone could have gone home with a prize.
All entrants were brilliant for recognising freefrom in our eyes.
Especially during the gluten free beer tasting category.
After tasting four or five we all lost our memory.

The winner of the coveted Marble Mo was Foccaccia per tutti.
All the judges voted their Mediterranean Foccaccia a beauty!
With runners-up, highly commended and commended too.
The praise for freefrom goodies just grew and grew.

The winner of the FAIR Trophy (Marble Mo) for the best free-from food 2014

The winner of the FAIR Trophy (Marble Mo) for the best free-from food 2014

Just look at that foccacia. Don’t it make your mouth water? I so want some of that but sadly it contains nuts so it’s no good for me but I applaud their ingenuity and skill.

So did you go the awards? Did you win an award? What do you think of my little poem? It doesn’t scan quite like I wanted it to but it’s the best I could do.

More on the awards to follow soon… but if you want to see the full list of winners visit The FreeFrom Food Awards website.

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