Udi’s gluten free now in the UK

This is a bit of a belated blog post for Udi’s as I received a HUGE box of goodies some long time ago (February – awful blogger, bad blogger #hangsheadinshame). It was right in the middle of a pretty nasty allergy infested time in my life and I was on a completely processed-food-free diet. However I sometimes make exceptions when goodies arrive in the post which don’t contain any of my allergens.

Imagine my delight when the postie delivered this!

Udi's gluten free box of goodies

Beautifully wrapped with string and a hand written note from Udilicious team

Huge apologies to Udi’s for taking so long to write this and thank you for being so patient with me. I am rubbish. A terrible blogger.

Apologies also for the tile grouting paraphenalia in the background. You will be pleased to hear the grouting is now finished and the kitchen looks lovely.

I have also just noticed some completely unintentional product placement in the background. Can you spot which other gluten free baked goods manufacturer features in this photo? (Sorry Udi’s! I will stop apologising in a minute)

This is what they sent:

Udi's gluten free new range of baked goods

Udi’s gluten free new range of baked goods

Rest assured the Udi’s products did not go to waste.

Husband-who-can-eat-almost-anything devoured the Ancient Grain crisps and went looking for more.He particularly enjoyed the Jalapeno Cheddar flavour and said “Yeah they were very nice. Delicious, really tasty. FreeFrom? Really? I wouldn’t have known.”

Visiting friends didn’t even know they were eating gluten and dairy free cinamon and sugar Bagel Chips. Now I did try a few of these but I had to be quick. They were temptingly crunchy with a very satisfying cinnamony bite. I enjoyed them but I don’t eat much sugar in my diet so they were a little sweet for my taste buds. Yummy indeed but again, these did not last long!

There were also chocolate chip muffins which contained dairy so off limits for me. You can have one guess who ate BOTH of these and said, “Yeah, alright, wouldn’t know they were your special freefrom stuff.”

There were also some toastie fruity breakfast snacks. These went to a gluten free chum who I am now reminded I must chase for her verdict.

Who are Udi’s gluten free?

Udi’s are all over social media and available in most supermarkets now so most of you cannot have failed to discover them, but for those who haven’t, they are a US brand who entered the UK market earlier this year. They have a huge range of baked goods including cakes, muffins, crisps, bread etc. LOADS of stuff. Check out their website here to discover their full range and a list of stockists http://udisglutenfree.co.uk/

If you’re coeliac or gluten or wheat intolerance look out for Udi’s next time you go shopping.

Some of their products are also dairy free but some do contain nuts so if you have a nut allergy, read the label carefully. Anyone else tried them? Did you enjoy them? They will be at The Allergy Show so go and visit them and sample some of their products and see for yourself how good they taste.

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  1. I can only eat the breakfast bars due to various allergens/intolerances but I really like both the blueberry & strawberry flavours. I don’t eat them for breakfast but find them perfect for a filling snack & I carry one in my bag for those times there’s nothing to eat when out & about.

    • Eating out is tough isn’t it? And yes I am like you, allergic to more than one food (well loads, let’s be honest). Do you mean the toastie snack things that you liked? I think it’s amazing really what they’ve done. My husband (who can eat anything) loved their stuff and didn’t know it was freefrom. So in that respect they have suceeded but hopefully they might look at reducing the use of other allergens and maybe also sugar content. I liked the Cinammon bite crispy snacks which weren’t too sweet either.

      • No it’s the nutrigrain style bars in blueberry or strawberry flavours. The pop tart style ones contain between them, egg, cinnamon, maize & palm oil non of which I can have. I can’t have the cinnamon bites because of the cinnamon. If they’re anything like the bars which I love, I can understand why your husband likes them!

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