Allergic to bad grammar – laughing about allergies

Being a writer and a bit of a grammar pedant this cartoon made me laugh, probably more so because I am all three, an allergic writer who is pedanatic about grammar. I saw it on Facebook last week and just had to share it.

Thought you could all do with some allergy laughs.

Are you allergic to bad grammar? Me too!

Are you allergic to bad grammar? Me too!

Anyone else allergic to grammar? I have to really stop myself correcting mistakes in emails from my clients sometimes. I’m never sure if it will go down well or not.

Anyone got any good allergy jokes to share? What grammar mistakes really bug you?

To finish, a link to a very popular blog. I can’t promise all these are good jokes, some are awful, but read my top twenty allergy jokes here.

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  1. I’m going to post this in a specific place and watch the blank expressions until my sides can no longer handle the pain.

    • Please share where you are going to share this… I have already had to explain some of it to someone ;p

      • I’m printing and posting it in an office. It won’t be as much fun unless I can be there when it is seen each time. I’ll never explain it because I truly don’t want to hurt their feelings. They’ll only assume it’s another of those things that makes me “weird”. 😉

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