The UKs first organic freefrom supermarket…

and it’s in Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire, just down the road from where I live. I’m more excited about this new freefrom shop opening than I am about Christmas this year.

This is a very mini bloggette to let you all know that on Saturday 12th December, McCallums will be opening on Princes Risborough High Street. I have been reliably informed (thanks Suzie) that is is near the library, opposite WH Smiths.

The first even organic freefrom supermarket in the UK

The first ever organic and freefrom supermarket in the UK

And hot off the press, this lovely photograph of the shop courtesy of Sally and a tip off from Nicola Next Door! Thank you all for letting me know this shop was opening.

I met Alex this year so I did know he had ambitious plans for the shop and some pubs catering for paleo and freefrom diets but it had slipped my mind in the whirl or work and life.

This is what Alex told me, I am very excited about opening my new organic and freefrom supermarket in Princes Risborough – everything inside will be free of gluten, diary, sugar, vegetable oil and non fermented soy. We will be selling frozen and fresh healthy meals to take away, cakes and snacks, ingredients including organic vegetables and eggs, organic hot coffee and chocolate, body and household cleaning products, organic, vegan and some sulphite free wine, and organic and freefrom spirits, beers and cider as well as selected supplements by Higher Nature and BIOCARE. “We have looked on the back of the packet so you don’t have to!”

Alex is also running The Black Horse at Standlake – the first freefrom and organic pub in the country which is now open and the second – the Bell at Hardwick, just outside Aylesbury opened in November. More on these later. I think we’ll be enjoying a few pub meals out in the new year.

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  1. Alex McCallum says:


    Thank you so much for posting. As a result of your post and a couple of others on the High Wycombe and Princes Risborough website, we went from being able to set-up the shop to being inundated with customers! Awesome. The lady who posted it on the Princes Risborough website said that she had never had a post so much liked on Facebook! So clearly there is some excitement.

    I thought I would add some detail for your readers as the plan has changed since we last spoke. So the shop sells/will sell:

    – Organic wine, beer, cider and spirits. We sell two red and two white no sulphur added wines and all of our wines are greater than 50% less sulphur than other wines. We have some beautiful port and gin, pineau de charentes and sherry.
    – Ready made frozen meals by my michelin level chefs
    – Cakes and treats
    – Organic coffee beans and ground coffee. Over the next week we will introduce grab and go filter coffee and tea and sugar free hot cacao.
    – Paraben, SLS and Preservative (especially Sodium Benzoate) free house hold cleaning products and body products
    – Ingredients and products at Amazon and Ocado prices
    – Organic eggs – 6 large for £2.10
    – We will be introducing juicing on site and organic vegetables and fruit in the next two weeks
    – We are introducing a deli/salad bar (nondairy of course) bar next week.

    The shop is gradually opening and we are responding to what customers would like us to stock so come and talk to us!

    We are also taking orders for organic and freefrom external catering and celebration cakes as my executive chef (ex pastry chef at a 2 michelin star restaurant in oxfordshire) is hoping to expand our offering in this direction.

    I would welcome all health and fitness professionals leaving their details in the shop as our vision is to become ‘one stop for healthy living on the high street’.

    The Black Horse at Standlake already has gluten free beers, all organic wine and some organic spirits. The menu is all freefrom and organic.

    The Bell at Hardwick will be introducing organic and freefrom options to the menu gradually and it also has a complete organic wine offering.

    We are so excited as a team about this vision and we will be offering some healthy eating and cooking seminars next year.

    I am just putting the Facebook page together and then will post a link.

    Many thanks all for reading.


  2. Fantastic that your open now, I’ve been waiting for this since I saw you at the town festival.. I’vs already been in and bought some gf beer and some other bits…very nice.. I’m a head chef & live in risborough I’m also gluten and lactose free so it’s nice that I can pop in to get what I need to try ideas out.. Huge thanks Martin

    • Martin I have to ask, where are the head chef? and can I come and eat there? When I find any chefs who understand allergies and how ill and potential life threatening they are I get quite excited. Thanks for the comment and look forward to hearing from you.

      • I work at Bradenham Manor, its the only training centre for Grant Thornton so we only do internal catering & functions, unfortunately we don’t do public trade. Have you tried ‘The King William iv’ in speen? It’s a ceolic approved restaurant where pretty much all dishes are suitable for all dietary requirements.

        • Lucky old Grant Thornton! Very pleased to hear corporate catering is taking freefrom seriously too. Keep up the good work. I have heard of the King William pub in Speen so I really must visit to check them out. Thanks for the reminder.

      • Alex McCallum says:


        The Black Horse at Standlake is now gluten, dairy, sugar, vegetable oil and unfermented soy free and organic. This is to the west of Oxford about 45 mins from Princes Risborough. We will early next year be adding freefrom and organic options to the Bell at Hardwick just north of Aylesbury which is about 25 mins form Princes Risborough. I’d be delighted to host you at either of these locations if you let me know when you are thinking of going. Alex


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