I’m her worst allergy! No I’M her worst allergy…

This is a silly blog inspired by a cartoon I saw recently of a glass of red wine arguing with a lovely mug of black coffee about who she loved the most.

She loves me more! said the angry glass of red wine.
She loves ME more! spat back the jealous mug of steaming black coffee.

It made me think about what my worst allergies would say if they could talk.

Peanut allergy meets Dairy allergy

Sorry Dairy, I think Peanut wins this fight. Definitely my worst allergy!

Sorry Dairy, I think Peanut wins this fight. Definitely my worst allergy!

I do apologise to any readers looking for inspiration or to learn something today. All you’ve learned is that I enjoy drawing very bad cartoons sometimes.

I get very weird ideas for blogs and I also need to buy a new rubber.

You also now know which of my allergies is the worst.

The peanut here had to be mean because that’s the allergy I fear the most. If I even smell a peanut my body goes into a kind of alert state. Every part of me is wary when I catch a waft of that most revolting of nuts.

Hope it made you smile anyway. Which is your worst allergy? and what would yours say?

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  1. Mine is peanuts too!

  2. Ian Morris says:

    Mine worst one out of God knows how many now would have to be perfume of any sort so if you see a guy sniffing inside a lift or doorway or has a coat over his nose now you know why !! Trouble is almost every one wares it washes in it washes there clothes in it I don’t think I need to go on but I hate the stuff with a passion

    • I’m not keen… I don’t get a huge reaction but I really have started to notice strong perfumes and I can’t get far enough from them. I don’t wear any myself and I meet more and more people like you who react really badly to them so I’m beginning to consider cutting it out completely. I don’t need to wear any… but it seems like a drop in the ocean. I do HATE those plug in air freshener things and stuff like fabreze. Yuk!

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