Gluten and dairy free Everybody pasties at Marylebone Station!

For those of you who have heard about the new West Cornwall Pasty Company Gluten and Dairy free Everybody pasty, you may be interseted to hear you can get these at Marylebone station. They may be avaiable at other stations but check first.

I really rather enjoyed these gluten and dairy free pasties

I really rather enjoyed these gluten and dairy free pasties

What you need to do to get your hands on these freefrom pasties

  1. Plan a trip to London
  2. Check the station you are visiting has a West Cornwall Pasty company outlet
  3. Phone to check they have Everybody wheat and dairy free pasties in stock
  4. Phone to tell them what time you’re arriving – they need about an hour to get them ready so they can defrost and cook them to perfection
  5. EAT!
  6. Go back and beg for another

So who’s coming? I can’t wait. I need a trip to London – and soon! Who fancies a big freefrom picnic in the summer? with pasties en route for those organised enough to find some?

Everybody gluten and dairy free pastie ingredients

Everybody gluten and dairy free pastie ingredients

Bring on the freefrom pasties!

These guys were one of my winners at the recent FreeFrom Food Awards this week. Visit the Foods Matter Website to read Ruth’s Allergy Diary and my winners…. My review should be available on Saturday 1st April – this is not an April Fool 😉

If you do try one, remember to tag the West Cornwall Pasty Company #westcornwallpasty or #pastyfame

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  1. jacquie broadway says:

    Dear Ruth, What else is in the pasties, all important to me. No grains at all and is the meat organic?

    • Hi Jacquie, I’ve been searching for the ingredients so will find out. Planning to get one next Friday if I can so will definitely know by then. They do probably have some grains in them and I will find out about the meat. It doesn’t say organic so ir probably isn’t

    • They do a cheese one which obviously contains dairy and also a dairy free one. Still not got that list of ingredients for you… forgot to keep the packaging.

    • Hi Jacquie, here are the ingredients:

      Potato – 18.00%
      Beef Skirt – 18.00%
      Onion – 8.00%
      swede – 8.00%
      Flour – 21.72%
      Margarine – 10.86% (I may need to clarify this…)
      water – 5.86%
      Egg – 10.80%
      Salt – 0.78%
      Pepper – 0.12%
      Xanthan Gum – 0.20%

      Allergen Advice:EGG

  2. Quick update from moi: The manufacturer has confirmed that the type of flours used are rice, tapioca and potato.
    The margarine is all vegetable oils with Vit A and D added. There is 0.01% palm oil used as a processing aid and emulsifier.

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