Ten brilliant gift ideas for people with eczema, allergies

With only a few shopping days till Christmas this blog is a little late but you still have time. So what do you buy for someone who has to eat only special nut and dairy free chocolate, has sensitive skin and has to plan meals out with military precision? Buying chocolates and smellies needs a […]

Blog hop – my writing process by Ruth Holroyd

A friend from my local writers’ group, Susie Kearley, who writes about health, food and gardens, amongst other things, suggested I might like to participate in a ‘blog hop’, entitled ‘My Writing Process’. I’ve never done a blog hop before so it intrigued me. This one is not technically allergy related but most of what […]

10 eczema secrets your doctor won’t tell you

Here, as a New Year’s present just for all you people out there with eczema, Why not download a totally free pdf ebook right now called “10 secrets doctors won’t tell you”. We’ve all come across advertisements for ‘eczema cures’ from companies selling products that will help you get rid of eczema forever, which anyone […]

Gluten, dairy, soya and egg free pancakes

Ever tried to make gluten, dairy, soya and egg free pancakes and thrown the offending gloop into the bin in disgust? If you fancy pancakes today but don’t fancy the hassle of failing to make something edible, this recipe is for you. If I can make them, anyone can!

Coeliac book nominated for Best Health Book award

‘Coeliac Disease: What you need to know’, by health writer Alex Gazzola, has been shortlisted for a prestigious Guild of Health Writers Award 2012 for “Best Health Book”. Read on for more info on this ‘must read’ book…

“I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright – Discount to all subscribers

If you subscribe to the free what allergy weekly newsletter then you’re entitled to a discount on the fantastic new allergy cook book, “I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright. Instead of paying £10.50 you pay £9! Saving the £1.50 postage and packing costs.

“I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright – NEW allergy free cook book

If you’re like me and you get stuck in a rut cooking the same old meals day in day out “I’m Hungry” by Tanya Wright is just what you need to inspire and motivate you to experiment in the kitchen. Read on to find out more about this new allergy cook book…

Book review – Coeliac disease: What you need to know!

Coeliac disease – what you need to know is a new book written by health journalist Alex Gazzola. Packed full of information about the prevalence of CD across the world, diagnosis, treatment, avoidance and a whole lot more. Read on for a review of the book.