How clean is the indoor air quality in your home?

Is your house clean and safe? We all probably assume that it is but there could be some very dangerous things in your home… We insulate our houses and try to make them as air-tight and cosy as possible, especially in winter. Then we stuff them with plug-in air fresheners, fragrances, man-made furniture and fittings […]

Perfumed sanitary products cause irritation to sensitive skin

Just a note of caution to the ladies out there, men you can all look away now. I’m talking about the dreaded monthlies. The builder’s are in. Stop reading now if you are a squeamish man who doesn’t do ladies problems and winces at the mere mention of ‘periods’. You have been warned… Not all […]

Allergic to scented toilet roll – fragrance allergy

This is a warning to anyone with sensitive skin. If you think the skin on your face is sensitive imagine how sensitive your private parts are. I didn’t realise what a prude I am but there you go, I can’t bring myself to to type the word for ‘you know what’. This is a cautionary […]

Root canal surgery and allergies – Six things you need to know

If you are having trouble with a tooth and are advised to have root canal surgery by your dentist you could need to worry about more than just the pain in your purse. If you have a latex allergy you need to make sure they don’t use anything that will make you ill e.g. the rubber dam and gutta percha. Research this well and speak in detail to your dentist before going ahead and good luck!

Which folic acid supplements are allergen free?

If you’re planning a family your doctor will probably recommend folic acid. If you have allergies to dairy and grains this isn’t quite so easy, most contain lactose, fillers, unknown ingredients etc. Here a few safe brands of folic acid for those with allergies.

‘Origins long wearing concealer’ for covering up skin rashes

Ever wished you could wear makeup but know that it irritates your skin? I’m not promising miracles but this concealer works really well for me. Cover up those rashes when you have a flare-up. Read on to find out more…

Eleven things that could make you allergic to your clothes!

Getting unexplained rashes and can’t seem pinpoint where they’re coming from? There are a few things you could look into including washing powders, chemical coatings, latex, nickel and more. Read on for a real toxic pea souper…

Who thought dying your hair could be so dangerous?

You might be planning to get your hair done ready for the Christmas party season. Think twice before getting it dyed, either professionally, or at home. Check whether hair dye contains Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) which can cause serious allergic reactions and even death…