Haggis may contain nutmeg, mace and coriander

With Burn’s Night fast approaching and the Haggis sleeping quietly in the fridge you might want to consider whether the supper is safe for you and how to create an allergy safe meal of haggis, neeps and tatties. Very easy using safe spread and milk in the mash, but what about the haggis?

Avoiding coriander at Christmas

Do you have a coriander allergy? Do you despair of finding coriander used as an ingredient in everything? Christmas especially seems to be mean that all food MUST contain coriander! Why? Just a little rant. I’ll get over it. Oh and I wrote a very silly poem about KoreanDuh!

Harissa paste contains coriander…

Just when I thought I’d got shopping for food sussed yet another crafty little allergen slips under my radar. This week it was harissa paste which contains a number of spices, including coriander…

Coriander allergy – watch out for ‘spices’!

Ever noticed ‘spices’ in an ingredients list? You probably don’t give it a moments thought, but if you have coriander allergy, this might mean the presence of coriander. Always check with the manufacturer, and read on to find out more about coriander allergy…

Coriander beer? Nut beer? Brewers! Leave our beer alone!

Did you know that beer could contain coriander, orange and even eggs, dairy, nuts and almonds in some cases. We all know beer contains yeast and gluten, but watch out for these other allergens!