Shame on you JK Rowling – asthma is normal, not funny

Have you seen JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy recently on TV? The character called Colin Wall (Simon McBurney) who was portrayed as a weak, over-stressed weirdo who had asthma and was always puffing on his inhaler, made my blood boil. Why is every odd character given a ‘weak’ condition like asthma, allergies, eczema etc. suggesting […]

We need to see disabilities and allergies as normal

On 13th January Newsnight featured a segment on disabilities in acting and film making. The debate focused on criticism of the recent Stephen Hawking film, ‘The Theory of Everything’ where the lead part of Stephen is played by Eddie Redmayne. The complaints were about disabilities – how could Eddie, an able bodied healthy actor who […]

If being obese is a disability so is having allergies

I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing on the news today, that being fat can constitute a disability. The EU court ruling means bosses of obese staff who meet the criteria of the ruling would have to provide them with larger seats, special parking spaces and other facilities. What? This is crazy. I am […]

Not fussy, I just have allergies

What gets me is those people who will say, “Steak WITH cheese sauce please. I can eat EVERYTHING.” They say this after I have ordered mine, checking they don’t ‘butter the steak’, requesting no sauce, and checking whether the mushrooms are cooked in butter and asking not to have the onion rings or tomato. Well […]

Lower quality of life in children with peanut allergy

Having allergies can be scary but you grow to learn to live with them, to grasp control of your life and get your own processes and checks in place to make sure you stay safe when shopping, eating out, snacking etc. It’s all about the preparationg and planning. And it does get easier with time, […]

Do you hate the term ‘allergy or eczema sufferer’?

What do you think when someone refers to you as an ‘allergy sufferer’? Do you feel squirmy and think, NO, I don’t suffer, I’m not a sufferer… or have you never even thought about how this phrase might make people feel? Do you think we should use more positive phrases?

Are serious life threatening allergies, severe eczema and asthma a disability?

Now here’s an idea for you all. Should people with life threatening allergies, severe eczema and asthma and coeliac disease be claiming disability allowance? Is life quality affected to such an extent that this would ever be feasible? What do you think?

Allergies and intolerances – are you discriminated against?

Do you think you get discrimated against because you have allergies? Do kids get included at school or left out? Do you distance yourself at work due to allergens in the workplace?