Five potential new allergy and eczema cures

If you’ve had allergies all your life no doubt you will have tried all sorts of whacky and wonderful cures, things that will change your life, solutions that will get rid you of all your allergies, amazing treatments that will clear your eczema up for good. There are some strange ones out there, like drinking […]

Testing Protopic ointment for eczema – does it work?

Most people with moderate to severe eczema will have heard of Protopic. If you haven’t yet come across it it’s an appealing treatment – it’s not a steroid so doesn’t thin the skin like steroids do. I first discovered it when my sister was prescribed it to treat her eczema. She raved about it and […]

Death by adrenaline auto-injector – are they safe?

People often ask me, are adrenaline injectors dangerous? “If I use one on my child and they weren’t having a servere reaction, could it cause them any harm?” Is it safe to use an expired EpiPen, Jext of Emerade adrenaline injector? Could using two auto-injectors ever cause an overdose of adrenaline? These are all common […]

NHS eczema and allergy services – the postcode lottery

Just in my family the services received through the NHS for allergies and eczema are so vastly different. Do you get good or bad support from your local NHS doctor? Are you worried about the post code lottery NHS services?

Irritable bowel and constipation – fifteen tips to avoid it

If you have allergies and/or food intolerance or have coeliac disease I’m pretty sure you will have had irritable bowel at some point. Anyone can suffer to varying degrees, but how do you shift it naturally? Here are ten tips for getting rid of constipation…

Prednisolone contains lactose! Why do steroids contain dairy?

Drugs and pills often contain lactose because it’s perfect for the job. It is almost tasteless, prevents caking, makes a great coating and ‘hardly anyone reacts to it’. But if you have a dairy allergy, what are the alternatives?

Antihistamines contain lactose

I recently discovered through my dietician that antihistamines contain lactose, which with a dairy allergy I should obviously avoid. The syrup’s do seem to be lactose free. Seems a bit crazy for a drug that should help counter allergy effects to contain a known allergen.