Adrenaline auto-injector review; needle length and muscle depth

2% of the UK population have a diagnosed allergy and many of those will be carrying an adrenalin auto-injector. We trust them, we know these little devices save lives and they give us some security that we have instant access to the drugs that will hopefully reverse an anaphylactic reaction and give time for emergency […]

Fear of using your adrenalin injector – don’t be scared!

In my recent Ruth’s Allergy Diary slot I wrote about conquering the fear of injecting yourself or someone else with an adrenalin auto-injector. Have you been there? Or have you just not used yours because you were too terrified, despite having an anaphylactic reaction? If you too have ever felt completely overwhelmed and totally unprepared […]

Emerade – the new adrenalin autoinjector

Emerade – Available from February 2014 A new Adrenaline Auto-injector now available in the UK; Emerade is now available on NHS prescription. You use it in much the same way as the Jext and Epipen by removing the safety cap, pressing to the outer thigh and holding in place for 5 seconds. However you’ll notice […]

Do you carry a Jext adrenaline auto-injector? Jext malfunction recall

Please check your Jext now! Important safety information for patients using Jext® solution for injection in pre-filled pen. Routine testing conducted by ALK-Abelló has revealed that during the production process in some batches the needle may have become bent, causing the needle to curl up inside the injector housing upon activation and consequently causing the […]

Interested in taking part in some Food Allergy Research?

This is a message from a research company who want to speak to people with allergies in the South East. I’ve checked out their website and it all seems quite legit so if you want to get involved it could be very worthwhile and interesting too. Read this if you have food allergies and live […]

Write an Anaphylaxis Allergy Action Plan

If you need to carry adrenalin for your allergies and have anaphylaxis then you should have an Action Plan written to remind you, your family and friends and also your child’s school teachers and carers, exactly what to do in case of emergency. Have you written yours?

Sit still and stay calm! How important is this when having an allergic reaction?

What do you do when you realise you’ve eaten or drunk food you’re allergic to? Do you panic? Does your brain start to overheat, does fear begin to grip you as the swelling and tingling begins to spread? Or do you calmly take an antihistamine and sit still, just to see if it will recede or escalate?

Five poems about eczema and allergies

Because it’s National Eczema Week I thought I’d pull together all the poems I’ve written about having allergies and eczema into one place. I hope they strike a chord and help you realise there are others out there, you are not alone…

WordTheatre in aid of The Anaphylaxis Campaign

Excellent fund raising event at Adam Street in London by Wordtheatre and in aid of The Anaphylaxis Campaign. An inspirational evening with short stories read and performed live by actors. Great night out. Loved it!