Colon cleanse and skinny herbal tea from Teami

It’s spring time and the dandelions and nettles are in abundance, the perfect free ingredients for healthy and natural herbal tea. The forager in me has been collecting fresh leaves for my morning tea – you can’t beat fresh picked weed tea! To find out how to make your own wild herbal creations check out […]

Dandelion tea for allergies, eczema and asthma

Another weed that you might find both tasty and good for your health and when you look at them closer they are actually quite beautiful, they are just a bit of a bully in the garden and very hard to control and get rid of. Before you yank your dandelions out eat them first!

15 natural cold sore remedies

Cold sores can ruin your day, they are painful, unsightly and a pain in the lip! So here are some natural remedies that you just might find helpful. They are a collection of ideas from all over the web, I haven’t tried them all but I’m working my way through. Ear wax here we come…

Purepotions tea tree salve for cold sores – 3 free pots!

Anyone who has cold sores will try anything to get rid of them. I find tea tree oil works really well, so why not try this new purepotions tea tree salve. Its natural antiseptic qualities could really shorten the life of a cold sore. You could also win a free pot so read on quick to be in with chance…

The Regulation of Herbal Medicine – a development…

New legislation governing herbal medicine and traditional chinese medicine practitioners will come into effect at the end of April 2011. That’s only two months away… should you be stock piling your favourite remedies?

Handling Stress: Herbs can help!

Being stressed can play a massive part in your allergies, make you feel miserable, depressed and run down. Did you know which herbs can help you de-stress? and so cope better with your allergies and intolerances?

Ten foods to fight your hay fever

If I told you that there were ten tasty foods that could really help your hay fever you’d want to know what they were wouldn’t you? All these foods are healthy, tasty and good for you so it’s worth a try and just might help you survive the summer with less hay fever…