Soya allergy – a complex issue…

Soya is one of the top 13 allergens that have to labelled in the UK and until just this year it wasn’t one I was particularly worried about. How do you know you have an allergy to soya? This is how I discovered that I’m still on the allergic march and have picked up another one… soya allergy – welcome to my world!

Dates for your diary – Allergy Support Groups March and April 2013

I’m planning two Allergy Support Groups for March and April, in association with The Anaphylaxis Campaign. When and how should you explain allergies to your allergic child? Wednesday 6th March – 7.30pm Planning a safe and successful holiday with life threatening allergies Wednesday 24th April – 7.30pm Both these events will be taking place at […]

Teignmouth with allergies – TwentySix, gluten and dairy free lunch

If you’re out in Devon and visit Teignmouth you should try out TwentySix cafe for a gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, celery free, tomato free and coriander free lunch. Phew! I would highly recommend them.

Champney’s – great if you have allergies, coeliac disease, eczema or asthma

Do you struggle to find places that are suitable for you to stay on holiday? Yearn for some pampering but worry you’ll not be able to eat the food or relax and enjoy the experience. Champney’s health spa really do make an effort. Great for anyone with allergies, asthma, eczema or psoriasis.

Having allergies sucks – an allergy rant!

Sometimes having allergies is just too much. I need to let off steam so here is a rant. I apologise now for getting so cross and being rude, but I do feel much better now I’ve got that off my chest.

Surviving in a dusty youth hostel – allergen alert!

Youth hostel holidays could be worth a try if you want to a cheap holiday with self catering facilities in beautiful surroundings. Find out how I got on with the dust in a Welsh youth hostel and find some tips for safe holidays with allergies…

Should a nut allergic person avoid chestnuts?

Chestnut is a truly Christmassy ingredient and can be used in stuffings and with brussels sprouts, but should someone with a nut allergy worry about chestnuts? Could you also be allergic and should you avoid them?

Allergic to holidays?

Do you find that your skin and eczema flares up when you go on holiday abroad? What could be causing this? Stress? Food? Different water? Hay fever? It’s almost as if I’m allergic to holidays!

Champneys restaurant gets the thumbs up!

Imagine walking around a posh restaurant and gazing at all the fresh, healthy options available, noting which you can and can’t eat by reading the GF, DF, NF notes with full ingredients and information on fat, salt and sugar content. Sounds too good to be true?