20 things you can do to reduce hay fever symptoms

The recent coverage of seasonal tree pollen allergies on Countryfile Diaries was really good, but as is the usual thing with TV, you miss out on so much of the actual filming. You guys only get a snapshot. But I got so much information and learnt so much from Shenagh Hume, the garden expert who […]

Five potential new allergy and eczema cures

If you’ve had allergies all your life no doubt you will have tried all sorts of whacky and wonderful cures, things that will change your life, solutions that will get rid you of all your allergies, amazing treatments that will clear your eczema up for good. There are some strange ones out there, like drinking […]

Can you have immunotherapy if you have asthma?

For years I’ve been trying to get a referral for immunotherapy for my hay fever and dust mite allergy but have been told that it’s not available, that I wouldn’t qualify because I have asthma etc. etc. OK… but my dust allergy causes most of my asthma problems in the first place, if it was […]

A trip to the allergy clinic – what to expect!

I look forward to my trips to the allergy clinic because I learn stuff every time, mainly about my skin and eczema because the specialist I see is a Dermatologist at Oxford Churchill Hospital. I am reminded I am not a hyperchondriac and that my allergies are real and my eczema is not that great. […]

Snail allergy cross reaction with dust mite allergy

This is Keene’s story about having a very rare allergy to snails which might have something to do with the very common allergy he also has to dust mites. Allergy to house dust mites is fairly well known but could there possibly be any connection between that and the slimy molluscs he also has to […]

Lobbying MPs about the state of NHS allergy services in the UK

The NHS is groaning under the weight of patients with allergies but what if that figure should actually be far higher? How many people don’t get a diagnosis and stuggle on in silence, or worse? If we don’t all shout about the state of allergy services from the NHS nothing will ever change. I enjoyed lobbying MPs this week about allergies. Read on to find out more…

Can the NHS cope with allergy and dermatology needs?

The number of people with allergies, eczema, asthma and coeliac disease is rising. Whilst NHS budgets are falling and Allergy Support Staff are being cut; so how can the NHS cope with this increase in need for support? What can we do to help ourselves?

Read my recent Twitterview with @nodairyoreggs

@Nodairyoreggs interviewed me on Twitter about why I set up my blog What allergy, what I’m trying to achieve, my dreams, hopes, fears and we discussed various things from school to immunotherapy.

Five proofs that allergies aren’t so modern

They didn’t have allergies in my day. It’s all in your head. Could you cure yourself by just eating lots of your allergen? Ever get fed up hearing comments like this? Well allergies are not new and here are just a few proofs that they’ve been around for some time…