8 benefits of oxygen therapy #eczema #asthma

I’ve been having oxygen therapy now for a couple of months so what have I found? Has it helped? What are the benefits? Well I’m going, once a week now, so that tells you something. Full of energy – Straight after a session, I often feel a bit sleepy. It is so calming inside the […]

Why are oxygen chambers so effective at healing?

Why does going in the chamber work better than sitting on the wall breathing O2? Henry’s Law states that a liquid can hold a certain quantity of gas at a given pressure. If you increase the outside pressure then the liquid can hold more gas than previously. So if you double the amount of external […]

Oxygen therapy for eczema and allergies

This week I’ve been doing something very peculiar. I’ve been diving to great depths, but not the kind of diving that involves water. I’ve just started an intensive month of oxygen therapy at The Chilterns MS Centre in Halton. Before I go any further, I do not have MS but I am very proud to […]

Five potential new allergy and eczema cures

If you’ve had allergies all your life no doubt you will have tried all sorts of whacky and wonderful cures, things that will change your life, solutions that will get rid you of all your allergies, amazing treatments that will clear your eczema up for good. There are some strange ones out there, like drinking […]

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Diary day three!

Third session of oxygen therapy for allergies and asthma. The hardest part is comitting to and actually having the session, making time in the busy work/life balancing act, but I’m hoping it will be worth it. Find out more here…

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Diary day two!

After an amazing night’s sleep I had another session in the oxygen chamber. I’ve been really impressed with the dedication of the staff at the MS Centre who give their time voluntarily to keep the centre going and it’s already made me think I’d like to help out if I can.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Diary day one

For some time I’ve heard rumours that oxygen therapy can help with allergies so I’ve decided to give it a go. Follow my diary as I go through treatment and find out whether this simple and relatively inexpensive treatment could help me cope with my allergies and asthma