Why a2 milk gives me nightmares

Ever heard of A2 milk? Those of you in the allergy and dairy intolerant community may well have come across it. It is a new type of milk created in New Zealand where the A1 milk protein has been bred out of the milk to make it safer for some people to drink and easier […]

The Perfect Retreat – freefrom cafe in Chesham, Bucks, UK

The Perfect Retreat allergy friendly cafe in Chesham, Buckinghamshire is possibly my favourite cafe in the world EVER because you can get wheat, dairy, soya, egg and nut free cakes which taste amazing. Lucia, who runs this little cafe with her daughter makes all the cakes herself and is a complete genius. She even makes […]

Soya allergy – a complex issue…

Soya is one of the top 13 allergens that have to labelled in the UK and until just this year it wasn’t one I was particularly worried about. How do you know you have an allergy to soya? This is how I discovered that I’m still on the allergic march and have picked up another one… soya allergy – welcome to my world!

Are you being conned into spending too much on coconut milk?

Do you buy coconut milk for cooking? Ever wondered why it costs so much? Are you being conned into spending too much? Next time you go shopping check out the ethnic aisle or try your local ethnic supermarket, most towns have one.

Taste testing hemp milk

Have you ever tasted hemp milk? It’s a fantastic and healthy alternative to soya and cows milk but what does it taste like? Find out how I got on tasting it this weekend for the first time. Interesting…

Arsenic in rice milk!

What? I hear you cry. Arsenic in rice milk? Surely not… I saw a poster at my local allergy clinic last week which screamed out at me. If you drink rice milk regularly should you be worried?

Can’t drink milk? You’re normal!

For many, the mere mention of milk will be enough to invoke memories of nausea, skin rashes, cramps, bloating, and in extreme cases, even anaphylaxis. These sypmtoms can be caused by a lack of the enzyme lactase. What would you say if I told you that ‘lactose deficiency’ in adults is atually normal? It’s those milk guzzling ones who are abnormal…