Vegan flavouring? What do vegans taste like?

Ever eaten a vegan? No me neither. I don’t know what they taste like but I’d probably be allergic to vegans since they consume a lot of nuts to get protein into their diets. Joking aside, this new dairy and soya free cheese from VioLife, discovered in my local Morrisons, is probably the best freefrom […]

FreeFrom things we’d love but never get!

The FreeFrom Eating out Awards are in progress so if you are a food service company you still have a week or so to enter. You can do so online here: . Each year we meet to judge the entrants for foods suitable for food service and the quality just keeps on getting better and […]

The Perfect Retreat – freefrom cafe in Chesham, Bucks, UK

The Perfect Retreat allergy friendly cafe in Chesham, Buckinghamshire is possibly my favourite cafe in the world EVER because you can get wheat, dairy, soya, egg and nut free cakes which taste amazing. Lucia, who runs this little cafe with her daughter makes all the cakes herself and is a complete genius. She even makes […]

Wheat, soya, rye, barley and corn in your filter coffee!

I’ve been thinking a lot about coffee lately and drinking a lot of coffee lately. I always grind up my own coffee beans as I KNOW that instant and ground coffee affects me. Not always, but sometimes I get a mild adverse reaction. Sometimes migraines. If it’s just pure coffee I’m OK. So imagine my […]

Coconut ice cream – tested #Dairyfree #soyafree #glutenfree

One of my favourite treats since developing a serious soya allergy has been the two coconut ice creams on the market. They are both dairy, gluten, soya and nut free. Hoorah! I buy them both and they are delicious. Real melt-in-the-mouth indulgence for anyone who can’t eat ‘normal’ ice cream. So how do they compare? […]

Can you buy nut and dairy free cocoa powder?

Have you ever tried to find guaranteed nut and dairy free cocoa powder? You can find lots that have a recipe that’s freefrom and a ‘may contain’ warning, so why is that? And what risk are you taking if you ignore that little warning?

Bio-Kult advanced probiotics for SALE

Probiotics are great for maintaining a healthy gut but I bought these in error (they contain dairy and soya) so if you would like to buy some head on down to ebay to be in with a chance of saving £5-10 off the price!

Kidney bean allergy? What the legume is that all about?

If you have an allergy to peanuts or soya you could develop problems with other legumes, including peas, beans, lentils etc. But you might be fine with other legumes and a problem can arise at any time. Read on to find out more about the slow sneaking up of my kidney bean allergy

Can you be allergic to xanthan gum?

Did you know that xanthan gum can be derived from milk, soya, wheat or corn sugar? It’s grown in a bacterium so you could also just be allergic to all xanthan gum. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what xanthan gum was then read on, it’s very widely used and found in so many food types. Avoiding it on a gluten free diet is not easy…